What to Expect with Freight Shipping Services

For anyone with a business that involves exporting goods to markets across the sea, overseas shipping is a must. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to help crated goods arrive at their destination both in a timely fashion as well and keeping the goods safe. When you’re in the market for freight shipping services, prepare a checklist to be sure all bases are covered. It’s the best way to compare prices and services.

What to Expect with Freight Shipping Services

Begin by planning out what you need. If you are a small business owner or if you manage the export department of a large factory, your needs will be specific. Sometimes there are businesses that want to relocate their entire factory across the sea. The specific need will be matched up with the type of freight shipping services that are suitable. This includes the sizes of crates all the way up to the number of containers. Another factor can include the estimated delivery time.

Here is a list of tasks a company offering freight shipping services can handle for you:

  • Pricing according to the size and conditions of the freight
  • Documentation and paperwork for entry to foreign ports
  • Specially sized crates according to the goods being shipped
  • Managing insurance carriers
  • Import and customs duties
  • Door to port shipping
  • Port to port shipping
  • Shipping insurance

When you have done your due diligence and narrowed it down to your final selection, you can begin with the actual work of packing up your equipment, goods, or other cargo and preparing to ship. The company will map out what you need and begin building crates and estimating the size containers you will need.

Building Specialized Crates

The shipping company will begin building crates for all of your merchandise or other goods. It will take into consideration that the crates could be exposed to sea air and salt for an extended period of time. Additionally, from the weight of the crate and its contents, it could shift during shipment. The items will be packed well, and the crates will be adequate enough to allow for any packing material necessary. To avoid corrosion, the crates will then be sealed well and stamped with ISPM 15. This is what lets the destination port that the wood used in the crate, packing, and pallet has all been fumigated according to international regulations.


Using the information provided by the customer, the freight shipping services will take care of the documents that will travel with the shipped goods. The shipper knows which papers will be needed according to the type of travel, the route, and the destination port. Typically, there will be a commercial invoice, a packing list, and the shipper’s letter of instruction. This letter (SLI) states who is responsible for receipt of the shipment and a forwarding agent. This might also include customs forms and insurance.

Of course, the steps depend on the urgency of the shipment, size, and contents.

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