U.S. Money Reserve Reviews Key Factors to Look for When Comparing Precious Metals Providers

U.S. Money Reserve Reviews Key Factors to Look for When Comparing Precious Metals Providers

To a newcomer, the precious metals market may seem daunting — but it doesn’t have to be.

An experienced, trustworthy precious metals distributor can offer guidance and assistance in setting up a precious metals–backed individual retirement account (IRA).

When you’re considering which precious metals company to work with, you may want to take the following factors into account.

Informational Resources

U.S. Money Reserve strongly believes its best clients are its most educated clients. As part of its commitment to ensuring that consumers have the right information to help them navigate the precious metals market, the company offers videos, guides, and other helpful resources online.

You can also sign up on U.S. Money Reserve’s website to receive a complimentary Gold Information Kit that provides an overview of precious metals benefits and ownership opportunities.

To help keep portfolio holders informed after they’ve purchased precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve maintains online price charts and regularly publishes market news alerts.

A team of industry experts, including U.S. Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl, who served as 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, supplies executive insights through timely articles that can help portfolio holders further their coin and precious metals knowledge.

Special reports are also available on U.S. Money Reserve’s website; these cover topics such as asset diversification, governmental debt’s economic impact, the role gold can play in safeguarding your portfolio, and what the future might look like for the gold market on a global scale.

Emery S., who has done business with U.S. Money Reserve multiple times, says he’s been happy with the information and service the company provides.

“I’m certainly not a novice, and I can tell you that this company not only knows the market and their products well, [but] they [also] genuinely want to help people who don’t understand how it works,” he says in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews shared on Google.

Personalized Service

If, in addition to accessing information online, you desire the ability to speak directly with someone about purchasing precious metals, you may want to find a provider that has representatives who are available by phone.

U.S. Money Reserve’s U.S.-based Account Executives, for example, can answer questions and assist with the paperwork and other steps involved in establishing and funding a gold-backed self-directed IRA — something with which the company assisted client Lawrence L.

“Transferring my IRA was easy,” Lawrence says in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews on Google. “The company continued to offer me any help that I might need.”

In one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau website, Eric S. says talking to a U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive about his goals felt like chatting with a friend or family member.

“They set the bar high in trust, patience, expertise, integrity, pricing, and rapport with their customers,” Eric says. “I felt comfortable and happy during the whole process, and they always had time to answer all my questions. I recommend [U.S. Money Reserve] to anyone wanting to preserve their financial future.”

Returns and Other Policies

Circumstances may change in your life after you purchase assets — or you may, at times, wish to change the allocation of precious metals in your account.

U.S. Money Reserve will provide a full refund — excluding shipping, handling, and insurance costs — for certified coins still in their original condition and sealed container, within 30 days of purchase.

If you decide to sell a certified coin you have bought from U.S. Money Reserve in the future, the company also says it may offer to purchase the item from you.

Portfolio holder Richard F. was able to take advantage of the company’s buyback policy when, after making a precious metals purchase, he experienced a personal issue.

“Unfortunately, it put me in a hardship position,” he says in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews posted on Google. “I reached out to [my Account Representative], and he resolved the issue of returning my purchase.”

Jimmy and Lorraine R. call U.S. Money Reserve a “true blue” company and praise its speedy response when they reached out about a return.

“My family and I had an unfortunate turn in our life, and we requested a refund,” the couple says in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. “We received our refund quicker than we could imagine.”

A No-Pressure Approach

One of the benefits of having a self-directed IRA is that it gives you more control over your assets.

You can include a wider variety of assets and asset types in a self-directed IRA than with a conventional IRA, assets ranging from real estate to physical precious metals. And although a custodian acts as the trustee for the account, you decide what portion of the funds in your IRA will be used to purchase specific assets — including which metals will be held in the account.

You should be able to decide when you want your assets purchased or sold to adjust your IRA’s allocation without feeling any pressure from a precious metals provider to make a choice within a certain time frame.

Although Kenneth T. says he doesn’t typically dole out compliments, in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews shared on Google, he praises his Account Executive for not pushing him to immediately give an answer when they spoke.

“I’ve talked to a lot of these companies in the last year,” Kenneth says. “Not only was [my Account Executive patient], [but] he [also] convinced me to call back tomorrow and make a decision. This has never happened before.”

U.S. Money Reserve, which has provided portfolio diversification–related services to more than 785,000 clients since the company was founded in 2001, is one of the country’s largest distributors of government-issued gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

In its more than two decades in business, the company has processed more than $2.5 billion in transactions and shipped more than 3.9 million coins from its main vault facility.

If you’d like to learn more about U.S. Money Reserve’s services, you can visit the company’s website — or call 1-888-708-0458 if you’d prefer to speak to a U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive.

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