Top Tips to Keep Your Workplace Free from Pests

Pests, especially flying insects and rodents can be a particularly worrying concern in the workplace. Whilst they are undoubtedly an issue all year round, the problem of pests can be exacerbated in the summer when the weather becomes warmer. Many of these pests may well be mostly harmless, but they could pose a risk in some cases. The damage they can cause and the health risks that come with their presence can cause issues.

These issues are a problem in most workplaces, but if you are involved in food preparation, then pests in the workplace can have serious implications. If there is a complaint or they are discovered during a routine inspection, it can result in your premises being closed under a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice. Not only does this have the potential to ruin the reputation of your business, but it could also cost you a significant sum. 

It’s essential to put the necessary measures in place if your workplace is susceptible to pests. There are several ways you can do this, and they’re often very straightforward. With this in mind, we offer some valuable tips to help you keep those pests out of your workplace.

Top Tips to Keep Your Workplace Free from Pests

Invest in strip curtains 

One of the most effective methods to keep out unwanted pests is to create a barrier at various entrances and doors. It can be a good idea to consider fitting strip curtains in your workplace to help keep pests at bay. This type of product can be purchased in a range of different sizes; it is easily fitted in your doorways and provides a physical barrier that deters insects and rodents from getting into your premises. Strip curtains will still allow employees to move about with ease. 

In addition, strip curtains are easy to keep clean, ensuring that any health and hygiene regulations are adhered to. It is well worth buying your strip curtains from a reputable company like Strip Curtains Direct, which can advise you on the best product for your needs.

Install fly screens

The warm weather brings an increase in pests and flies, which can quickly become a nuisance. It’s natural for people to begin opening windows in the summer months to let in the fresh air to help ventilate the workplace. Unfortunately, this encourages flies and other insects to enter your premises. By installing fly screens, you can provide a solution to this issue.

Fly screens are available in a range of different styles that are easy to fit into your existing windows. If you are worried about keeping them clean, then don’t be, as they can also be removed very easily for cleaning. 

Fly screens can also be used on external doors that employees use; however, they are not suitable for more oversized doors such as those that you might have in a warehouse where of course, strip curtains are the best solution.

Cool your premises down

The warmer weather naturally brings out more insects and pests, so it would be beneficial to keep your premises cool during the summer months. This can help to deter any pests which thrive in warmer temperatures. By installing fans or air conditioning systems, you can quickly bring the temperature of your workplace down.

Finally, if you’re already facing problems, consider getting professional advice and help. There are companies out there that would be glad to speak to you about your pest problem and may be able to come and inspect your premises to offer you the best pest prevention solution for your needs.

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