Tips for Planning a Great Business Meeting in Wichita

Meetings are a necessity in many instances when you’re traveling for business. Whether you’re discussing a new product, sales quotas, or making the biggest pitch of your life, you’ll find yourself in some sort of meeting. A great business meeting requires a little bit of planning. Wichita has a number of great venues to help you every step of the way.

Determine the Meeting Space

It’s important to find a meeting space that is capable of providing you with plenty of room. Hotels are a great place to look because they are a neutral site and generally a nice place to visit. Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hotel at Old Town, Hotel at WaterWalk, and more have meeting spaces. Consider whether you need one room or a few. Some venues have more meeting space than others. Also, look to see what features they offer, such as A/V equipment, in-house catering, and more.

Cater the Meals

One of the easiest ways to hold productive meetings is by feeding everyone. Be sure you tell people when food will be served so that they’re not constantly checking their watches. By having the food catered in, it ensures you keep your time schedule. As soon as you let people leave for lunch, there will be stragglers that come back late.

Many hotels will provide some food. You can work with a catering department to have menus created for your meeting. You may want to start with breakfast, have snacks served mid-morning, and, then, have lunch served. Meals can help people maintain focus. Plus, you have the opportunity to have working lunches.

Provide Some Fun

You need to break up the monotony of a meeting, especially if it’s going to span more than one day. It’s important to show people the city. Especially if some people haven’t been to Wichita before, show them around. Take them to a nice dinner somewhere and, then, arrange a night at Botanica or a tour through the Sedgwick County Zoo. Whatever you do, offer it as a group outing to help with team building or networking.

Focus on Accommodations

You’re likely going to have to have accommodations for those who are flying in for the meeting. If you have long meetings planned, it might be easier to have even the locals stay at the hotel. It will make it easier for everyone to focus on the content being presented.

Plenty of Wichita hotels are available. You will want to look at what the hotels have to offer. Consider choosing one that has meeting space to provide convenience. It’s also a good idea for the hotels to have a few other features:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Fitness center

Your goal should be to make everyone comfortable. The Hyatt Regency Wichita will offer meeting facilities, golf, room service, and more. Plus, it’s conveniently located to some of the top attractions in the city. Other hotels to consider include Aloft Wichita and the Ambassador Hotel. Simply explore what is offered and where it’s located to see if it will work for your meeting space. Planning is the biggest part of making a business meeting a success. By exploring the Wichita hotels, you can find one that will help you with all of the details.

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