Things to Consider Before Getting A Custom Lighted Sign for Your Business

Personalized lighted signs are essential for a business because they help to attract new customers to the business premise. Having an outdoor business sign is quite a good way to advertise a business; this is because several people will probably remember a business because of their business signs. Nonetheless, before getting any custom lighted sign for a business, there are some factors to take into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Getting A Custom Lighted Sign for Your Business

The hours your business is operational

Custom neon signs can be seen clearly during the day and even at night. People who have businesses that run 24 hours daily need to invest in these outdoor lighted signs. This will help people to easily identify and remember the business once they see the lighted sign.

The location of your business

Before reaching out to a custom neon signs company to design and install the custom lighted sign, it is important to also consider the location of the business. This factor has two main reasons; first of all, it will help to follow the designated signage laws of a state and to get all the permits and licenses from local authorities.

Secondly, check the geographical mapping of the business environment as it will aid in determining the size, type, and design of the custom sign.

The business industry

As a result of oneโ€™s nature, the custom lighted sign can be of great benefit. Some custom lighted signs work well for a particular industry (businesses that run all day and those that have early closing hours or are functional only during the day). The main aim of outdoor business signs is to attract interested customers; hence it is important to put them at the forefront when choosing and installing the custom neon signs.

The climatic condition of the business location

There are so many different types of materials being used in creating these business signs. The materials used usually include; metal, fabric, neon, acrylic, aluminum, plastic, vinyl, carved wood, and PVC just to name a few. 

Go for good quality signage that can withstand the weather condition of the business environment. Going for signage that does not correspond with the weather will result in frequent damages and the need to always repair and maintain the signs.

It is important to work with a good company that can help in selecting the best material to use for the business neon sign. Preferably, companies can go for different signs that are suitable for the weather and use them interchangeably during each season.

Your budget for the signage

Each custom lighted sign has its price and several factors influence this like the size of the sign, the type of material to be used, the design, and ease of installation. All these factors greatly influence the total cost and how much should be budgeted for the sign.

Businesses will be required to pay more for super high-quality signs that are designed to last longer and can withstand the weather conditions as well. Companies that can afford bigger and more durable signs should do just that while those working on a tight budget can start with a smaller one and upgrade it as time unfolds and as the business grows.


It does not matter if a business is new or has been operational for a long time, getting a custom lighted sign aids in attracting new customers. Think of a custom lighted sign as a business investment and not an expense. These business signs will help companies increase their sales by enticing new customers to their business.

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