The Complete ClicksDealer Advertising Platform Review

Anyone that has been making money with advertising banners, will tell you that it is incredibly difficult to earn bucket loads of money. It isn’t easy to make money by trading and flipping banner ads, but if you have time, are smart with your investments, and want an easy source of income it isn’t the worst idea. There are a lot of advertising platforms that help people earn money from banner flipping and trading banners, and we are going to review one of the latest platforms.

The Clicksdealer advertising platform claims to help people make money by advertising banners. The platform is designed to help users make money by buying and selling banner ads. You don’t need much experience to use the platform, as it is user-friendly and even first-timers can try their hand at it. If you have been thinking about making money from banner ads, keep reading this review on

About the ClicksDealer Platform

The Clicksdealer platform is an online marketplace where users can flip advertising placements and banner ads to make money from the comforts of their home. It is an ad flipping platform, where you can buy and sell banner ads, which will be published on third-party websites all over the web. The platform is powered by secure software and has an accessible interface that can be used not only by marketers but also by newbies with no previous marketing experience.

How Does it work?      

The Clicksdealer platform is simple to use. First, you must make an initial investment of $250 to get started. There are multiple categories to choose banner ads from, and you make money by flipping and trading banner ads of some of the leading brands in the world. These banner ads are of household brands like Nike, Porsche, Adidas, Toyota, McDonald’s and more.

You can compare previous trends and performance of these ads, before choosing which ones you want to buy. When you purchase the ad, you will own it until you decide to sell it, while you start making money when people start clicking on banner ads you own.

The dashboard will display the number of clicks your banner ad has accumulated, which informs you about the performance of your banner ads. If your banner ads aren’t generating any money, you can trade them or sell them to the highest bidder, like in an auction. You can set the price for your ads, and let users bid for them, which allows you to sell them for more money than you bought them for, that way you can increase your profits.


You don’t need to be an industry expert or a marketer to use this platform. The dashboard will show the performance metrics of all banners. This helps you sell ads you bought for higher prices and make additional cash as well. Keep in mind that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, so there is no guarantee you will make money on the Clicksdealer platform.

However, if you’re willing to put the effort and invest in the platform, there is every chance of achieving success. The marketplace is extremely active, and there are lots of chances available.

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