The Changing World of Employment in 2020

Small businesses, managers, and large corporations are grappling with a changing movement taking place in employment in the country. How is the employment culture changing? The work world is transforming as a new group moves into the labor force to take the retiring boomers’ places – the millennials. Researchers claim that within five years, most of the baby boomers will be replaced with the millions of Generation Y employees. With this new group comes a whole different set of attributes than any experienced before in written history.

The Changing World of Employment in 2020


The millennials are a tech-driven group of free-thinking individuals that have never known life without their hi-tech toys. Because they are tech-savvy, the group finds pleasure in locating the newest and best programs for complicated problems that appear in life or work. That often leaves the managers floundering as the department heads try to managing millennial’s expectations. Understanding how to deal with the Gen Y employees may be the key to a successful working relationship.


Unlike previous workforces, the millennials want feedback, schooling, personal growth, and mentorships. A daily task log will not strike their interest but presenting an end task with a creative goal will often delight the individuals as they find a group to present the challenge to. Yes, that is another way the millennials differ from other labor forces – they love working in groups. Group collaboration gives the employees a distinct advantage over solo thinking because as they toss ideas around, the creative flow can move from one to another until it quickly becomes solidified.


Born in a continually changing environment, the millennials look for new ways to improve the world around them. As a performance marketing leader, Eyal Gutentag stresses the Gen Y workers may clash with managers as the new employees look for more efficient or more productive ways to accomplish tasks within the office. The boomers loved the stability of knowing what was expected of them, but the millennials thrive on innovation and change. To boost performance, encourage employees to present groundbreaking ideas and hi-tech developments that can be incorporated into the office.


For decades the cubicle work world of silence has permeated the employment industry. This type of workplace is detrimental to the creative group mentality of the Gen Ys who feel at home in an office landscape of blue jeans, brainstorming, and banter. Although they are seen by many as an arrogant group of privileged individuals, if managers work to understand differences between groups within the employment culture, they may be surprised at how willing the employees can be to look for group guidance to get better results.


Yes, most millennials are seen as self-assured, cocky, and know-it-alls by many people. However, that identity is not justified. As a group, they may move quickly, speak without thinking, and believe they can do anything, and that is precisely what they are determined to do if given a chance.

If Generation Y individuals believe they can move mountains, who says they cannot? Society once thought telephones, computers, and automobiles were impossible. So, the lesson to learn here is that working with millennials can bring about amazing things.

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