Storage Tips for Businesses

By Mark O’Brien

If you run a business with very limited office space, then you may often find it difficult to keep what space you do have neat and tidy. Cramped conditions can make your business less efficient, requiring you to take time out of your busy schedule and divert attention from your work to organise equipment properly. If you’re in that position then you may be looking for a way to solve the conundrum. Alternatively you may be remodelling, redecorating or relocating your business and in need of space to store your kit. Finding the right storage solutions team can help you make the most of your working space, but if you want to employ their services here are some tips to consider first.


Look After Your Belongings

Making a list of all the items you are storing is a vital first step, enabling you to determine how much space you’ll need. Then you can keep an on-going inventory so you can see what you’ve added or taken out of your storage space, which is especially important if several different employees access the unit. This is crucial information not only for organising your equipment, but also for keeping your stored items properly insured, so it may be a good idea to keep a running inventory on your tablet, laptop or website so you can easily access it at any time wherever you go. You should also consider climate control, especially if you’re storing computers, papers, furniture, or anything else that could be damaged by extreme temperatures. Climate controlled storage units maintain a steady temperature using central air conditioning and heat, preventing warping, rust, yellowing, mold and even vermin from potentially spoiling your belongings.


Packing and Storing

When it comes to stowing away your gear, first make sure you protect the items you are storing. Securely pack computers with foam insulation, and documents, photos and paperwork should be packed away in boxes of roughly the same size for easy stacking. Turn office furniture vertically on its end side. You should also think about how often you plan to access the equipment you are storing away. As long as you work closely with your storage manager to look after your equipment and keep it safe, you should be able to come up with the right plan to meet your business’s needs. So get in touch with a storage firm like Warehouse Storage Solutions, and you can discuss what you need from a storage plan.

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  1. I totally agree when you said that the owner should pack their items securely such as using foam insulation and boxes. I can imagine how important that would be especially if businesses would be storing away gadgets or devices. If they would be storing them in a warehouse while they are not sold yet, they should properly pack them so that they will not be damaged when they sell them in the future.

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