Six Reasons For Your Business To Be Blogging

Business trends move fast. And the online world? Even faster. As little as 5 years ago no one was blogging. Fast forward to now and we all know someone that runs a blog. Whether it is a personal blog that they do for a hobby, a blog that generates them income, or a blog that they do for their business or employer. Blogging is what businesses need right now, and it is hard to see it going away anytime soon – it is such a unique opportunity to engage and inform your client base!

Blogging can help your business to grow, that is its primary appeal. But more than that, it can help you to understand your customers. What do they look for online? What are they willing to spend? Having a blog for your business is an essential part of having a presence online. And in this day and age, a presence online will be just what you need. So if you’re not already blogging, then why not? You really need to look at why you should invest in a digital marketing strategy, and why blogging should be part of it. Here are some tips and tricks to get your started.

You’ll Be Able To Compete

A really basic example, but say you sell a certain kind of weed killer for people to use in their yards. One thing that potential customers can look up online is the best kind of weed killer that they can use at home. If you aren’t blogging, then the chances of being found online are much less likely. A competitor that is blogging, is going to come up higher in the search. Blogging can also show to customers a bit of your business ethos, with some personality thrown in too. So use your blog as a way to reach your target audience, make yourself known and stand out from similar businesses.


It Will Help Your Business Success

It can be nice to hear that having a blog for your business can help you to do well. But what is the evidence behind it? Because it is a relatively new thing, many people have looked into it. And there have been surveys and studies that can back up that blogging is going to be good for business success. From the research, it has been shown that if you have custom content on your blog, then it brings in a whole new potential customer base. It also makes them warm to you as a business, especially if they can relate to what you have been saying. Businesses that have a blog have also shown to get more leads than those that don’t blog. So that kind of evidence shows that it is a no-brainer! Blogging can also be a good way to advertise, rather than going through traditional channels. If you’ve got good content, it will get shared again and again.


You Can Interact With Customers

All businesses need a website. But a website is just to provide the information about your business. There is no interaction and it is very one sided. A blog allows customers to interact and to respond to you and your content. It can give some feedback to you without you having to arrange a focus group! It can also open up the conversation channels for things that are going well or what your customers would like to see. You can gauge if the content you share is relevant and what can help them. You can be a little less formal with a blog. A website on the other hand is strictly business. So a blog shows that you have some humor perhaps, and a little personality behind the business.


Blogs Improve SEO

Being able to be found online is the dream for any small and new business. People can’t find you if you’re not on there. Plus, they’re going to struggle to find you if you’re right at the back of the search engines. Having a blog and sharing one post isn’t going to get you on the first page of Google instantly. But over time, with regular content and adding backlinks, you’ll be able to build up your SEO (search engine optimization) quite well. This can get you ahead of your competitors, and opens your business up to a whole new range of potential customers.

Build an Email List

Being able to build a list of subscribers to your blog is a great way to build your customer base and then offer incentives to them. When you get plenty of readers, you want to get them to be subscribed readers to follow along, right? They can hear all about your new products or services, as well as discounts and offers. It can create some great brand awareness, as well as some loyal customers. So the best way to get them to subscribe is by offering them something, by way of the blog. It could be just what your business is missing.


Back Up Your Social Media

No doubt you have some social media channels that you run for your customers. But what many people forget is that a blog and social channels run hand in hand. You are creating plenty of content for your social channels with your blog. Plus, when it is shared on social media, it allows customers to share it too. So think about relevant topics that people feel they can relate to. You could also share thoughts on current affairs if that suits your business, or trends in your field. Having content on social media for people to share is some invaluable marketing as it is other people sharing it all for you. It will benefit you greatly and it won’t have meant paying for it.

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your businesses needs to be blogging. It can only be a good thing to help your business to grow. It won’t be going anywhere quickly as so many things are based online. So it is time to get on board.

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Dequiana Jackson, Founder of Inspired Marketing, Inc., helps overachieving women entrepreneurs conquer limiting beliefs and create marketing plans that grow their businesses. This includes one-on-one marketing plan development, digital product creation, web design and content marketing. Dequiana is the author of Know Your Business: How to Attract Ideal Clients & Sell More and runs the award-winning blog,

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  1. Hi Dequiana, Great post! I totally agree that blogging is a very important part of the customer experience. It allows you to reach a much broader audience. It sounds like you have the blogging thing down. Have you ever thought about doing videos or starting a pod cast. I heard that those were some excellent next level things you can do to improve your blog. Also I heard that posting your blog posts directly into your Facebook feed was a great way to get even more traffic for your brand and business. You have some good content on here. I will definitely be sure to come back and check it out.


    Justin Showlay´s last blog post ..Growth Hacker Marketing: What It Is And Will It Help Your Business

    • Thanks, Justin! Yes, I agree that having your blog posts go across social media when published will expand your reach and can drive traffic. I have done some videos and podcast episodes in the past but need to get back on it. Thanks for the reminder and the marketing tips!

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