How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Enables You to Target Your Constituents Better

One of the key strengths of Salesforce for Nonprofits is the capability to communicate more effectively with your constituents. Even after all the information has been collected regarding the identity of your constituents, their preferences and interests, and how they are linked with your organization, it can be a difficult proposition to design the right communication strategy that can effectively ensure the right message at the right time. ExactTarget, a marketing automation tool developed by Salesforce steps in at this juncture to not only assist you to communicate more effectively but also raise the levels of awareness of your services or programs, as well as additional resources.

What Is ExactTarget Capable Of?

The set of tools contained in ExactTarget permits you to undertake constituent segmentation and send messages that are specifically targeted to them via SMS or email. The package also allows you to monitor the social media and find out what your target audience is saying on the various social media platforms. For example, if a program participant puts out a tweet on some aspect of the program, you can discover the tweet and send out an appropriate response.

ExactTarget also allows you to send out follow-up communication to each constituent depending on the trigger that they have initiated, such as clicking on a link in the email or posting on the social media, etc.Each of the follow-up messages can encourage them to take one more step depending on the stage there are to come to the logical end of the process. It is also possible to develop a series of email messages or SMS that can be sent to the constituents as and when they do something specific.

Integrating ExactTarget with NGO Connect

Since ExactTarget is a component of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud just like, it allows users to integrate with a database like NGO Connect. This comes in very handy for situations such as being able to connect with event participants or donors, etc. This is possible because NGO Connect has the capability of segmenting your audience according to various parameters and then being able to send out targeted communication. With the integration, it is possible to schedule, transmit, and review communication reports within the ExactTarget/Marketing Cloud environment. All Contact, Lead, or Account records stored on NGO Connect can be synced with ExactTarget, which means that you can send off emails that are personalized with the recipient name. Not only can you share the constituents’ contact information with them and ask a review and update but also you always have access to the latest data set, including all unsubscribe data so that you never send emails off to someone who has requested an unsubscribe.


It is extremely likely that in the near future integration to a far deeper extent can give further flexibility to users in managing constituent communication. Users can expect more facilities to target communication far better than ever before.

Author bio: David Wicks is an expert on digital marketing tools like ExactTarget and A passionate blogger on the subject of making digital communication easier, he has to his credit numerous articles.

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