Proven Ways to Get Followers on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is a sweet spot of millennials due to its exciting features. If you are a business or public figure, all you need to have the huge following base to leverage these platforms. However, it is a tough task to do because it is difficult to beat its new algorithm. You can buy real active Instagram followers and take advantage of Instagram ads to get engagement quickly. There are also some ways to skyrocket your followers on Instagram using the below research-backed ways. Read on to learn more!

Include emoji in your captions:

Include emojis in your captions to emphasize the particular parts of the caption. Moreover, it makes the captions stand out, which can lead to higher engagement ratio.

Write compelling captions:

The caption of your post explains the idea of your post and give the in-depth details to your followers. You can share your personal experience while writing the caption for your post. Become a storyteller and let them know the whole story. For instance, if you are posting a photo of a vintage painting, you can share with your audience. Where did you buy it? What camera did you use to take its photo? Is it an oil painting or not? How old it is? What was the camera setting while you captured the photo? Make your captions interesting, and it will get your audience to involve that leads to getting more likes and shares.

Use Instagram engagement pods:

Instagram pods are a good way to get more likes and views. Pods are just like groups where 10 to 15 people within the same niche are engaged with each other. It helps you to improve your profile’ visibility that leads to giving you more followers on your Instagram. It is the fastest way to grow your following count.

Buy Followers on Instagram:

Buying followers on Instagram is the best way if you want to grow your followers quickly. When you use the organic ways with buying followers, you will get the results beyond your imagination.

Post-High-quality photos:

Don’t post the low-resolution photos on your Instagram page. Post photos that are 1350 pixels high and 1080 pixels wide because it will appear without cropping in the users’ feeds. This way, it will draw the attention of more people, and that leads to more engagement.

Use Instagram analytics:

Use the Instagram native analytical tool that gives you useful information like which post resonate well, what is the best time to post and what type of content your audience like the most. Moreover, you can also get to know what is the gender, location, and language of your audience. Use these stats to make your content strategy to get more likes and followers as well.

Use a business account: If you want to get more followers in a fraction of time then make your profile public and switch to a business account. There are a lot of benefits of business account like you can add call and email button and more importantly use the Instagram insights.

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