Positioning is Key: 4 Retail Shelving Strategies That Will Explode Your Sales

Many stores’ marketing strategies channel efforts on drawing people in off the street. But once there, there is often little drive to get them to spend money.

Getting people into the store is just the first step. Your marketing campaign should extend beyond getting them in. It should maximise consumer spending once there. One way to do this is through an effective shelving strategy. A good shelving strategy will increase sales, improve customer loyalty and retention and create an alluring display for manufacturers who want to sell their product in your store.

Here are four tried and tested retail shelving strategies that will drive sales. Click here for more information and for used Madix shelving.

More Popular Items Get More Display Space

It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many stores pay such little attention to the shelving space dedicated to their most popular items. Consider this scenario. A customer wants to purchase their favourite brand of soft drink. It is the most popular on the market. They enter the soft drink aisle, only to see the shelving space where their drink sits to be empty. A rush in the morning cleared out the stock on the shelves. The store has plenty more units in the back, but the customer doesn’t know this. They leave assuming the product is out of stock. The store misses sales opportunity.

If the store had given more shelving space to the most popular soft drink, it likely wouldn’t have had to restock the item after just one morning. There would have been more units on the shelf and the sale opportunity wouldn’t have been missed. This is why the most popular items deserve the most shelf space.

Use Branded Endcap Displays

Customers come to brick and mortar retail establishments to get a fuller experience than they would online. They could order online, but they are unlikely to discover a new product that way. Many come to the shop to learn more about what is on the market.

Give your customers what they want. Use branded endcap displays at the end of the aisles to show off a new or existing product and provide more information than simply the brand logo. It is a small detail, but one that is often overlooked by retail outlets.

Heavier Items on Lower Shelves

This is not so much a marketing strategy as just practical shelving. You want your customers to have a comfortable and convenient shopping experience in your shop. Putting heavy items on high shelves is not only inconvenient, but it is also dangerous and could result in an accident. Keep heavy items low to avoid injury or mishaps when customers take the item off the shelf.

Organise Shelves for Cross-Selling Opportunities

Your shelving strategy should be optimised for cross-selling opportunities. Cross-selling is when you are able to sell an item that complements the item the customer needs. For example, if you own a sports store, and a customer comes in because they are looking for a fishing rod, they will go to the area of the store where the rods are kept. If you keep the tackle boxes on shelves adjacent to the rods, it is realistic to expect that the customer might impulsively also buy a tackle box with their rod purchase. They may not have come in with the intention of buying a tackle box, but because they saw it, they decided to buy it. This is cross-selling. To maximise these opportunities, consider what items complement each other when you design your shelving strategy to maximise sales and increase cross-selling.

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