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There’s no doubt about it: social media is slowly taking over the world. First, the telephone was the major means of communication for young people, followed by texting and messenger services. In the twenty-first century the millennial is choosing to use Facebook to communicate with friends, find out what is going on in the world and research potential new products that they wish to buy. Head onto Facebook as a regular human being with no business interests and a wealth of discrete little adverts will pop up based on your browsing history. It’s Facebook’s unique marketing platform that is making it so useful to businesses across the globe. Take a look at how you can utilize the power of social media to enhance your startup.

Get The Basics Right

It goes without saying that you need to understand the fundamentals of a Facebook page. Select a profile picture that represents your company. This could be your logo, a picture of your staff team, or it could be the latest product you have launched. Don’t select an out of focus shot of Jimmy, your marketing assistant looking a tad worse for wear at the Christmas party. It’s vital that every aspect of your social media presence exudes professionalism.

In the ‘About’ section of your company’s page, write something gripping, concise and inspiring. A brief history of your startup is fine, but don’t write a thesis detailing every business decision you have ever taken. Focus on the future and what your company can do for your potential clients. No one in this day and age relishes the hard sell so don’t use this section of your Facebook page to launch into one.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Once you’ve become a bit more savvy with your Facebook page, you may want to implement Facebook Ads. You could choose to outsource to a specialist company that will analyze your audience, their age range, gender profiles and interests. Using this data they can then create more nuanced and effective social media marketing campaigns that can increase your leads, sales and profit margins. If you go down the outsourcing route select a company that has received positive feedback. By focusing on testimonials like the King Kong Digital Agency reviews, you’ll see that they achieve quantifiable results and understand the nature of online marketing.

Communicate With Your Clients

Social media gives you another platform from which to communicate with your customers. The way you interact with your audience is public and can be another string to your bow if you are demonstrating exceptional customer service. If someone posts some negative feedback, don’t allow it to wallow on your page with no response. Show a concerned attitude and get to the route of the problem. Within a few hours, this very same customer could be posting how awesome your company was at resolving an issue.

Facebook is still in its infancy with many commentators believing that the social media platform has even more to offer businesses in the future. Ensure that you maintain your online presence and utilize Facebook to the benefit of your startup.

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