Marketing On The Move: Using Vehicles For Advertising


Marketing needn’t be static. Having a poster in one place is less likely to be seen than a poster that’s always on the move. If you’re trying to find creative ways to market your business, why not embrace some of these moving marketing ideas and use vehicles for advertising.

Bumper stickers

Whether or not you have a business vehicle, you should consider fitting a sticker to your bumper as you drive. This way, you can market your business wherever you go in the country. Make sure to include your contact details. Even if the driver behind you is unlikely to store it in their phone, a passenger might (camera phones make it even easier). Somebody may even see it parked up. Ensure to include a snappy slogan – everyone remembers a humorous bumper sticker.


As you’ve probably noticed, buses often have adverts on the side. Their size makes them the equivalent of moving billboards. Even if you don’t have the money to fork out on one of these adverts, you can always look into advertising on the inside of a bus. Many have small posters and advertisements plastered around the interior. Riding a bus can be boring, and passengers are likely to look around for things of interest including posters. Take advantage of this.


Similar to buses, trains are a great source of advertising. Yes, you can advertise in and around the station, but putting a poster up on the actual train could reach out to a bigger market even more so. Know the market that you want to target and choose the right train for you. If your business is better suited at city dwellers, look into how much an ad on the tube would cost. If your business is aimed at more rural areas, an overground train out of London might have more of an impact.

Pedi cab

For those that want to get really creative, you could even advertise using a pedi cab. Being as unusual vehicles as they are, they’re already likely to grab the attention of passers-by. Whilst a bus might go unnoticed, a pedi cab may not be so easy to ignore.

In-flight advertising

Want to grow your business internationally? For some businesses location doesn’t matter and there may be clients all around the world that could benefit from your services. A great way to tap into this market is to get advertised on a plane. As you can probably imagine, this isn’t cheap – but it does have a huge scope. You can either get yourself advertised in the plane’s in-flight magazine or you can pay for advertisement on the in-flight TV entertainment. Some airline companies also offer the opportunity of sponsorship and run competitions such as raffles in which your service may be won as a prize. Niche businesses may be less likely to be offered such an opportunity. However, if your product has a wide target audience, then advertising on an airplane may be the perfect marketing venture for you.

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  1. I agree with your in-flight advertising. It is a great way to advertise if your business thrives on tourist traffic! Thanks for writing.

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