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mobile-appMobile app design used to follow the credo, “build a better mousetrap and the customers will come.” The marketing industry knows the fallacy of designing in a feedback-free environment, and savvy app designers are learning the same lesson. A better credo is that customers are an unpredictable lot. The best, most functional, most attractive app often falls on an unappreciative audience. Designers have found that the most effective mobile app marketing strategies involve the customer as early in the design process is possible. Through target marketing, app designers are able to build apps that are more successful and achieve better market penetration.


The New Love Affair

Mobile devices enjoy an acceptance not as prevalent in other marketing channels. Those that say they love their television are perceived as socially challenged. Others that say they love their computers are told they may not expect to date. But mobile users are in love with their devices . . . and not afraid to say so. The numbers bear this out:

  • Nearly 30% of mobile users say that they simply cannot live without their mobile phones. (Can you?)
  • New bedtime companions: nearly 45% of mobile phone users sleep with their devices by their beds. They feel they cannot afford to miss an incoming call. Many people use their phones as their morning alarms, giving new meaning to the phrase “wakeup call.”
  • Almost 70% of mobile users monitor their phone on a consistent basis. Even if there is no warning beep and no likelihood of a new message or call, they still get the urge to check their screen.


It is likely that many spouses do not enjoy the attention their significant others lavish on their mobile phones. This may be bad news for marriages, but important news to marketers. Mobile devices are a cherished marketing channel. Few things serve as barriers to mobile phone use. People user their phones when alone or when in groups. They use it at home and at work – essentially everywhere. Interestingly, some consider the relationships they establish through their mobile phones to be more personal than the face-to-face relationships they can establish online through social media.


What This Means for Marketers

Mobile marketers understand that they have a great advertising venue. Their advantages include:

  • Because most people are online for the majority of their waking hours, mobile marketers have a very wide audience.
  • It is easier to connect to customers through their interests, leveraging the information available from the various social networking and blog sites.
  • Mobile advertising allows marketers the ability to establish a more personal relationship with their customers.


Using Customer Feedback

Marketing managers can optimize mobile campaigns by analyzing user behavior with a few power techniques, including:

  • Listening to customers
  • Taking advantage of a sample audience group
  • Talking to customers in a personalized rather than a broadcast manner

The mobile venue offers marketers the resources to be exceptionally creative, inquisitive, and resourceful. Effective managers are cognizant of the latest trends, and use them to craft their campaigns. By researching this information, marketers can stay abreast of what popular in their target segment, what interests their customers, and how they perceive the world. In this way, they create and market apps that have the best chances of engaging and delighting their customers.

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