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Made-in-the-USAWhen appearances matter, it may be in your best interest to have a mailing address in the United States. If you run a company that operates online, having your customers think that you are based in one of the most stable and economically viable countries in the world could be a boost for sales.

Why Does it Matter Where You Are Located?

Customers might get the wrong idea about your business if it appeared that it were located in Saudi Arabia or in Nigeria. People may think that you are trying to scam them or are part of a front group for terrorists. Whether that is true or not may be irrelevant to the people who are buying your products. Therefore, it may be better to not take that chance and present yourself as an American company.

Take Advantage of Tax Laws

Foreign companies may be able to take advantage of tax laws in their own country as well as tax laws in America if they have a mailing address inside the company. Depending on which state the company claims to be based in, they could establish nexus just by having an address in the state. This could help a company avoid paying sales taxes or other taxes that they would have to pay if located in another part of the country or another part of the world.

Customer Service May be Easier

Those who buy products in America tend to prefer that their phone calls are being handled by fellow Americans. Having a virtual call center that supposedly originates in America could put customers minds at ease when they have a question or concern. If they don’t think that they will be talking to someone who speaks their language, they may not call even if they have a serious issue that needs to be resolved.

Using a mail order fulfillment service can be an effective way for companies to do business regardless of where they are in the world. When time is money, getting goods shipped where they need to go as fast as possible can help a company maintain its fiscal health.

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