How to Secure Your Home Business

If you are new to the world of home business owners, you may not realize that there are security precautions that you must take. Now that you are running a business out of your home, there is a better-than-average chance that you are storing important, sometimes confidential, information. It also stands to reason that you have computers and equipment in your home that you may not have owned previously. Here are five ways that you can make sure your home business is secure:


Clear Your Windows

If you’ve ever been to a convenience store that had windows covered in posters and advertisements, you may have stopped to wonder how they were able to see out, or others were able to see in. This type of window covering is a security nightmare, and you should use it as an example of what not to do.

To ensure that your home business is better protected, make sure that all of your windows are unobstructed. To accomplish this, you’ll need to walk around your house and think like a criminal. Trim any shrubbery that blocks your clear view in or out of your windows, and any shrubbery that provided hiding spots for thieves.


Install Locks

One of the simplest ways to make sure that your home is properly secured is to install working locks on your windows and entry doors. Each entry door should be equipped with a lock on the handle and a deadbolt on the door. Your windows should have locks and wooden dowels that can be placed between the closed window and the sash to provide extra security.

Additionally, if you have any file cabinets or closets where you store sensitive information, you’ll want to install locks on these storage units as well. If your units didn’t come with locks, any local locksmith can install them for you.


Block Viruses

No matter what you store on your computer, you should always run a good anti-virus program weekly. Not only can a virus wipe out the contents of your computer, but some viruses can shut down your computer completely. In addition to anti-virus software, make sure you have malware-blocking software installed on your system. If you install security software on your computer and run it at least once a week, you’ll be far less likely to experience the devastating effects of an infection.


Protect Email

Even if you don’t share your home with other people, make certain that your email is protected. Not only should you set your email to require password entry to open, but you should install software that will encrypt your data. Software like PGP for Windows will help you ensure that the data on your computer is secure.


Install a Security System

For the ultimate in home business security, consider installing a home security system. These systems can alert a monitoring center to break-ins and fire, whether you’re home or away. A professional security company representative can evaluate your home and help you decide which system will be best for your needs.

If you’ve started a home business, security should be foremost on your mind. If you follow the five tips above, both your data and possessions will be as safe as possible. If you decide to install a home security system, be sure to contact your insurance agent and ask if you qualify for a discount on your premium.

Kristi Calloway blogs about the business world. If you are interested in starting a career in business, you might consider working as a business accountant. Several schools offer online Masters degrees in Accounting, including New England College and University of Connecticut.

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