How to Get Into the Cybersecurity Workforce

The cybersecurity workforce is expected to grow 31 percent between 2019 and 2029. That is a direct result of the increase in cyberattacks in the United States and around the world. One attack breached between 800 and 1500 companies, seeking $70 million in ransomware. It was considered the largest attack in the country to date. 

Schools such as Ascend Education are expanding their course work and programs to ensure that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is met with qualified workers. Learn more about how to get into this exciting field.

How to Get Into the Cybersecurity Workforce
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Skills Needed in Cybersecurity

Programs at schools such as Ascend Education are building on already developed passions and technical skills with today’s students of all ages. Skills needed for cybersecurity work include

  • Incident response
  • Incident compliance recording and reporting
  • Detection of all intrusion
  • Analytics
  • Intelligence
  • Application development
  • Malware protection and prevention
  • Cloud computing expertise

This is just the start of the number of skills cybersecurity professionals need today.

Where Are the Cybersecurity Jobs?

Cybersecurity jobs are in a number of leading defense and financial industries. They are also in fintech, in the financial and technology sector. Banking and financial institutions today need to increase their data protection capabilities along with their information security firewalls and threat preventions.

The healthcare industry is also experiencing an influx in demand for cybersecurity professionals. This industry is home to a very large set of data that is protected by multiple layers of privacy protections and federal legislation. Cybersecurity professionals are needed to aid this industry in how to expand and use medical records more wisely. 

The industry also needs help in ensuring the privacy of patients that are protected by federal legislation, remains protected. There has never been a time in American history when this challenge has been this great. Patients’ concerns are a top priority for all stakeholders in the health care industry, most notably the patients themselves.

Without cybersecurity professionals on-site and on-hand to manage data compliance, and timely and accurate security responses, every health care organization is at risk of multiple liabilities. One data breach in this industry has the potential to put patients in harm’s way at the click of a button. 

Where lives are being saved, cybersecurity professionals are required. Every branch of the United States military requires the most skilled workers in this field for the same reason. Cybersecurity professionals are needed in key industries because they do save lives.

Begin Your Career Today

When you choose to become a cybersecurity professional, you make the choice to become part of something bigger in the world. This is why programs at Ascend Education make such a big difference in your local communities, and the world. Begin your career today by upgrading your skills.

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