How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Business Become More Sustainable?

Not many years ago, consumers had to make multiple calls, send numerous emails or even personally visit a company to get in touch with one of its customer service executives. However, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), this tedious process can now be simply completed in a few steps by just explaining our queries to chatbots. Numerous brands are using AI-powered chatbots as the first point of contact to provide customer service. Based on the nature of the consumer’s complaint or query, these chatbots efficiently guide them towards the right point of contact.

How can artificial intelligence help your business become more sustainable?

Apart from chatbots, AI has steadily made its way into a wide range of businesses and economic sectors. Along with human intelligence, AI in business has made brands more efficient, adaptable and consumer-friendly. While a number of companies in the UK have already started using AI for their everyday business activities, others are in the race to make AI one of their greatest business assets in the coming years. Following the wave of using AI for business, the UK’s leading container specialist company, S Jones Containers, recently shared their vision of using AI to trace its fleet of containers and provide world-class customer service. 

One of the most significant features of AI is that, apart from improving the lives of human beings when used wisely, it can also improve the well-being of our planet. As AI can be easily integrated into a broad range of services, businesses are developing broader goals to harness AI for their sustainable development goals. AI can play an active role in managing climate change and environmental impacts. Additionally, it can be used to provide clean and well-distributed energy grids, sustainable supply chains, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, better weather prediction and enhanced disaster response. The world has already started witnessing some of the most sustainable features of AI in smart agriculture processes, robust infrastructure and enhanced energy resources. 

Recently, a UK based heavy building materials firm, Aggregate Industries, publicised its plans to install an AI-powered energy flexibility platform to reduce its annual electricity consumption and energy intensity by 10%. While businesses have already started using AI to create a more sustainable corporate environment, the AI applications for sustainability are still not widely used at an international level. Businesses all over the world need to understand the benefits and risks related to the introduction of AI in their corporate structure. 

Small businesses can start by installing AI systems to analyse their corporate habits and predict the consequences of their actions on future energy consumption. Once identified, firms can find alternative ways to reduce their energy consumption and find more sustainable alternatives. Furthermore, to make their business more sustainable, industries can start using AI tools to track their pollution levels and identify the sources of the poor air quality around them. For example, installing a smart sensor for detecting a gas leak can reduce the emission of harmful gases in the environment. Another option for businesses with a large fleet of automobiles is to use AI to make their cars autonomous. This will help them to navigate their cars, as well as to guide them to use the shortest way possible and reduce oil consumption.

Additionally, to improve the water and waste management system, manufacturers can install a smart meter to monitor the amount of waste generated, check the water quality and predict maintenance needs. Overall, firms need to be more aware of the impact of their activities, energy consumption and waste emission on the environment. Only then they will be able to use AI as an effective tool in adopting sustainable business practices. 

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