Effective Ways to Use Data in PR

Many public relations businesses are now data driven. With the wave of fake news and people questioning information, it’s never been more essential to bring accurate data into the equation. In modern society, we have access to tons of data and information daily. So, it’s the job of PR companies to make sure they are using the most factual and accurate sources to deliver their message.

With this insight, public relations professionals can go on to create successful campaigns that deliver measurable outcomes for the clients and company.

So, what are the best ways to use data, and where can you utilize the best sources, check it out below:

Effective Ways to Use Data in PR

From the horse’s mouth

Excuse the colloquialism, but this source is one of the best for getting accurate information. Talking to people and asking questions can help to open the subject to a broader and more meaningful conversation.

Ask opinions and create questionnaires

If you’re looking to get a more comprehensive view from lots of different people, get out there and ask them. You can achieve this by using questionnaires for a specific line of questioning. To speed the process up, using software such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms can collate everything for speedier analysis. This type of source is also a great primary basis for your campaigns and offers unique results to your PR efforts.

Centralize corporate communication

In internal and corporate environments, data is critical at every level. Having a centralized system ensures everything is consistent and accurate throughout the company. Confidentiality is also a key aspect, and similar to Virtual Data Rooms that hold mission-critical information internal business transactions. This concept could also be used in a media and public relation setting with relevant software. When each stakeholder is on the same page, you can effectively communicate vital information for news and media campaigns.

Use quantitative research

Every industry gathers extensive research into different areas. This information can be a valuable resource for campaigns and strengthen the message you are putting out. It’s quite a substantial job to analyze this data and use it to your advantage. However, it can be a vital cog in marketing efforts, mainly if you deal with clients in industries such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, and research. However, the only downside of this source is that you may need a significant budget to get hold of the data. So, this will be dependent on your financial plan for the campaign.

Use owned media

Every company will have analytics in one form or another. Whether that’s the basics of how many people use a website or their purchasing habits in stores, this information is ready to be used in PR campaigns. Owned media can also help clients become experts in an industry. If they have a sufficient pool of data, it can be interpreted in many ways to suit campaigns. This type of media is often an under-utilized resource. Still, it is one of the most affordable ways to break a story.

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