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Do You Really Need A Logo?

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When building a business, a logo may seem like a pretty inconsequential feature. Customers buy a product because of the product, not the logo – right? Yes and no. A logo alone is not enough to sell a product, unless you’re already a well established brand like Ralph Lauren or Nike. However, it can definitely still help smaller companies build brand awareness and come across as more professional. Below are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t overlook a logo when establishing your business. 

A logo grabs people’s attention

Putting a logo on a sign or a label can grab people’s attention. Without a logo, a sign is more likely to go ignored or a product is less likely to stand out on a shelf. Of course, there are other ways to grab people’s attention such as using certain colors, shapes or images. However, a logo can be a simple way to make such an impression. Check out this guide for tips on how to create an attention-grabbing logo

A logo can make your company more memorable

People may not remember your brand name, but they may remember catching a glimpse of your logo – especially if it’s a unique and striking logo. This can help to build a familiarity with your company that can make people more trusting to use your product or service compared to a brand they’ve never been exposed to.

A logo helps to build trust

On the topic of trust, it’s worth noting that a logo can make a company feel more established – and therefore more reputable. Having a logo shows that your company has invested in building a brand and that you’re not just a small company still trying to find its feet. Small ways in which a logo can make your business appear more credible include adopting a uniform with a logo, adding a logo to your email signature or adding a logo to business cards.

A logo is essential for some forms of marketing

There are some forms of marketing that are not possible without a logo. For example, if you want to build an app, you’ll need to have a logo to serve as an app icon. Many promotional products such as pens, baseball caps and mugs are also unlikely to make an impression if they don’t have a logo printed on them. By developing a logo, you can have the freedom to explore these forms of marketing. 

A logo can quickly communicate your brand messageA logo can also help to quickly communicate a brand message if your brand name doesn’t already achieve this. The font you use could help customers identify what type of brand you are – something cartoonish could suggest a kids’ brand, while something elegant and sophisticated could suggest that you are a luxury brand. Certain imagery could tell customers about your product or your ideals. You may even be able to use colors to suggest things about your brand – such as green for environmentalism or blue for trust. Examples of logos that help further explain what the brand is about include WWF’s panda, the Dominoes pizza box and the Instagram camera icon.

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