Best Business Tech for 2015

learning-new-technologyWith 2014 almost six months behind us, there’s still plenty to look forward to in 2015, including new technology. But, even with new tech coming out, there are definite tech foundations that small businesses need to keep in mind in order to make their businesses run as smoothly as possible. Listed below is some of the best tech for small businesses in 2015 that will be necessary.


Mobile Security

Mobile devices are a great way to constantly keep small businesses efficient as well as helping to keep clients and employees connected with each other. But, one of the most important things to remember when it comes to using mobile devices is that they need security just as much as any stationary tech system. Getting mobile security to help thieves from accessing sensitive business data available on your mobile networks is extremely important, and if your small business doesn’t have mobile security, get it immediately. With hackers getting more and more creative, it’s good to make sure that you encrypt the data, develop security policies for the mobile devices, and make sure that you update the security often.


Cloud Storage

Although cloud storage may seem confusing to some, it’s not going away and can actually be quite simple when broken down and very useful for small businesses. Here’s a quick rundown of cloud storage: your data is managed by a third party and can be stored across multiple servers, allowing you to access your information from any device that is connected to your cloud.  This allows the computers used by your company and employees to be free of the large amounts of data that make computers run slower. Essentially, as long as you have access to an internet connection, you have access to any data that you have saved in the cloud making it easier for data to be accessed by employees and clients that are in different parts of the office or different cities.


Electronic Inventory Management

Although there are some small businesses that have been managing inventory the old fashioned way by hand, the time for that has passed. Today, there are many ways to electronically manage inventory as well as software that can do so much more. Some software can even help small business owners lighten their burdens with user friendly tools that simplify and automate online listings, processing, and shipping to customers. Many include tracking systems, monitor inventory levels, and more, making it so small business owners and employees can spend most of their time focusing on other pertinent things instead.

These innovative solutions for 2015 can help companies manage networks, protect their information, and keep in contact with employees, managers, venders, and clients. Implementing these technologies is necessary to be successful in the future, especially since the world is making a push for more innovative technologies. Those who do not keep up with these strides will get left behind. Is there any tech that I forgot? What are some other major technologies of 2015 that you think are imperative for small businesses? Leave a comment below.


Brandi Paquet is a recent graduate who is interesting in beginning her freelance writing career. In her spare time she occasionally enjoys writing about small businesses, tech, and finance. She loves to hang out with her cat, read CNN Money, bake, and keep informed on the latest news about small businesses including SellerActive and others.

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