Benefits of Bulk Bags to Facilitate Shipping

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are a great solution for packaging, transporting, and disposing of toxic waste, really, of any type of waste. There are a number of benefits to using these types of containers. Continue reading to find out more info about why you should utilize bulk containers for your waste needs.

Benefits of Bulk Bags to Facilitate Shipping

Using FIBCs will generate a large amount of savings in costs for you. You will be able to save money on the actual material costs of the bulk bag. A bulk bag can hold a large amount of material and the size of the opening makes it significantly less expensive to use than a bulk container that is not flexible. The volume of material a flexible bulk bag can hold makes it much more affordable.

A nonflexible storage container is rigid, which is an obvious statement. That rigidity can make it difficult to store. Depending on the type of waste you have to move, you may have specific regulations that you have to follow. These containers make it easy to move and follow those regulations. You can save money on the transportation of your hazardous materials. Those costs can add up quickly, especially when compared to the cost of moving traditional storage methods. Depending on the space that you have to store the bulk containers, you can store 4 flexible bulk storage containers in the same space as 2 traditional storage containers.

You can save money on the amount of time it takes for your employees to contain hazardous waste. It will also save them time cleaning up any hazardous waste. When you use FIBC, you do not have to worry about the types of equipment that you have available to you to clean up waste. The bags are one unit and it has a zipper to close the bag, which is easier to pick up and move.

You also reap huge rewards with the additional safety that you bring to your business. When you used traditional bulk containers, you often have to use forklifts and claws to move the bags. With this equipment, there is a risk of dropping the containers or a misuse of equipment which can result in injuries. When you use flexible containers, you do not have to use all of the other equipment and can save your organization from safety concerns. The money that you save with the addition of FIBCs to your business can be repurposed and the income can be used in other ways for the business.

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