Anywhere, Anytime Marketing: Create a Business Promotion Kit

A frustratingly common occurrence for many of us is when we strike up a conversation with someone who then asks for your business card so that they can get in touch with you again, only for you to find you don’t have anything on you to give them.

You are constantly surrounded by potential business opportunities so you should really consider putting together a business promotion kit, which will allow you to make the most of your marketing prospects.

Kit essentials

A basic promotion kit should include your business card, other people’s business cards and a pre-prepared elevator pitch.

Having your own business card is self-explanatory and these days you can even print yourself, provided you use a good quality branded cartridge in order to ensure that the print quality reflects well on your business.

Being able to print your own business cards also gives you the flexibility to change the information and message without having to wait to get a new set of cards back from the printers.

Carrying other people’s cards

The second component of your business promotion kit might have raised a few eyebrows when you read it. Why would you want to carry a business card for another business?

Business promotion should be viewed as a circle rather than a straight line if you want to get the most out of it. Sharing information about companies you do business with has several benefits. It can open up a conversation that can then work around to what you do and it also builds trust in a relationship because it demonstrates that you are not just out for your own self-interest.

Elevator pitch

The so-called elevator pitch is a term used to describe a pre-prepared spiel about your company.

Your aim should be to create a summary of what your business is about and what you can do for the person you are talking to. The idea is to memorise a pitch that is no more than two or three sentences long, just enough time to convey your message to someone you were sharing a short lift ride with.

Digital and print options

An additional aspect to consider is how you intend to present your information, in digital or print?

What this means is that if it is particularly appropriate for your type of business, you might want to consider carrying more electronic versions of your business promotion kit, which means that you carry some information about your business on a memory stick, CD or even a DVD, which you can then quickly fire up using your laptop.

Don’t make the mistake of overwhelming potential customers with too much gadgetry, but at least give some thought as to how you make use of the digital and print options available to you.

Update your information

It is always important to stay as relevant as possible with your business promotion kit, so make sure you make regular changes.

There is nothing worse than pulling out a business card that looks like it was printed years ago, so change things around with promotional literature, to reflect current offers or updated company news.

A business promotion kit is a useful tool, so make the most of it.

John Sollars is a business owner of many years who hopes his insights can help new start ups. An avid writer, he likes to post his insights on the web whenever he can. Look for his helpful posts on many of today’s top websites and blogs.Visit StinkyInk for more printing tips and ideas.

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