An Office Oasis with These 7 Tips for a Seamless Refurb

An Office Oasis with these 7 Tips for a Seamless Refurb
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A seamless refurb project will help things go smoother when creating an office oasis at your business. There are tons of things that can go wrong and get in the way, and you need to stay in operation. Assessing the why, including all departments and foreplanning will help the project.

Clear Out What Isn’t Needed

One of the most fun parts of a refurb project is getting rid of what you don’t need. Yes, it can be a chore, but you can make a day of it by asking for help from trusted employees. A few pizzas and some soft drinks while you work always go down well. For small businesses, it’s a case of renting a dumpster online and getting rid of anything you no longer need. Just ensure any data has been sanitized from machines and paper copies are either shredded or filed away!

Complete a Seamless Refurb by Asking Why?

It helps to understand the reasons why you need a refurb in the first place. When you understand why, you can plan the project around specific needs. It can also help speed up the process, which is good since it can take between 6 and 14 weeks depending on the office size. Common reasons for a refurb include the scope and scale of your business, reflecting the business brand, and improving your outward image for clients. Or even going green!

Get Your Employees Involved

Employees will typically welcome an office refurb if it will make their working day easier and more productive. Which is the whole point, right? While there are standard office designs, there’s no reason yours can’t be somewhat unique. Getting employees involved in the design can be a massive boost to general morale in the workplace. All it really takes is requesting some general feedback, and your staff will happily tell you about the changes they would like to see.

Include Other Departments

There are specific departments with tons of valuable knowledge. They are also a core part of ensuring your business runs as well as it can. Their input can be extremely valuable when refurbishing the office as they can advise on specific things. Consider these departments:

  • The IT department can advise you about any technological upgrades you need.
  • HR can assist in keeping communication lines open and minimizing disruption.
  • The facilities team knows the space inside and out, so can assist with technical stuff.
  • Marketing can assist with morale and decor changes to reflect the brand.
  • Someone from finance will help keep the refurb within budget.

It also helps to appoint someone who can manage the refurb project. Of course, a senior staff member will be able to direct the project well, so choose someone your employees respect. Whether you are going through a refurbishment or even an office relocation, this will help.

Ensure Clients are Aware of the Changes

Employees will hopefully be fully aware of the incoming changes and what they mean for their working day until the project is completed. But what of clients? Clients don’t want to be walking into a construction site or an unkempt office. They also expect the same level of service they are used to. Always inform clients if there will be any kind of disruption to regular service. If at all possible, consider a temporary workspace where you can liaise with clients without interruption.

A Seamless Refurb with Foreplanning

The office refurb project could take some time. It will also cost a lot of money. Depending on location and scope, an average office refurb project costs between $70 and $250 per square foot. Going over budget and timescale is common for renovations and similar projects. However, you can keep these costs to a minimum with planning. Working with an outside contractor and office designer will help keep things on track. You can also work with staff if the project is small.

Plan for Hiccups in the Process

It is rare that a project such as an office refurbishment goes without bumps in the road. Common issues include going over budget, not allocating enough time, and delays in materials because of supply chain issues. Referring back to your plan, it helps to make contingencies. This allows you to provide an alternative should something go wrong. For example, look for more than one source of essential equipment, such as ergonomic office desks and chairs.


Begin by hiring a dumpster to get rid of anything you don’t need to begin a seamless office refurb. Include core departments, such as IT, to gather their input on certain elements. But don’t begin anything without a solid plan that includes a timescale, budget, and contingencies.

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