Amateur Learners: Learn How to Code for Free

Many beginners think that to learn how to code is difficult, and needs a lot of skill and effort to learn.  But that is not true; a beginner can learn coding easily if they have access to the right information.  Learning coding languages online is a best option; it saves your money, time and offers you different methods to learn.

There are a few websites which can help you to learn coding easily online, like Learn Street, Codecademy, Tree house, P2PU, Code Racer, Code School and Coursera.

Which programming language to learn?

When you have decided to learn a coding language, the first question you will have is to what language to learn.  To decide that, you have to figure out what you want to do with the language and whether you want to do the front-end or back-end coding. Front-end coding relates to the appearance of the website, while the back-end coding is about the setting up and manipulating databases.  Java, PHP and Ruby are few languages which are more preferable for beginners who are thinking about front-end coding. For back-end coding, Java is more preferable. Here are some programming languages that are used for different function.

  1. HTML : Learn to create your own website
  2. JavaScript: Learn to make interactive elements
  3. Python: Learn to make creative apps
  4. Ruby: Learn to power many different websites
  5. PHP: Learn to create websites

If you are a beginner and you want to learn coding quicker, repetition or revision of code is one trick you can use it. You can do that by using small codes and writing them repetitively.  The other thing beginners can do is to know about some basic terms like variables, loops and objects before starting to learn core language and jumping straight into language books. ‘One month rail’ is one such site where beginners can look out for learning coding from basics in easy steps.

Example of Class Addition:

Here, we have demonstrated how coding can be done and how easy is to code and execute for beginners. The example shows the addition of two variables, first variable =10 and second variable is =20, the addition of both variables should give =30.  We will run the code and see whether we get the final result.


public static void main(String[] arguments)


int my1=10;  /* 1st variable taken by us  */

int my2=20;  /* 2nd variable taken by us  */

int Add=my1+my2; /*addition of two variable*/

System.out.println(Add);/* print the output of Add variable*/



  [Fig – 1]

After running the code we got the final result as shown in [Fig-1].  Using small coding templates in beginning, and gradually practicing them you could easily learn higher level computer languages. So, no matter what your background is, with all the resources available online and with few guidelines, you will learn programming for free. There is a good option learning programming online but still if you have an access to local university and colleges, it will be an additional help for learning quick.

Author Bio: Alex Nordeen, Technical Writer has evolved over years of teaching and then, working in the IT (Information Technology) field. After documenting hundreds of technical processes and teaching others how to duplicate results, technical writing and training became the next logical career path.

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