6 Compelling Reasons to Use CAD for Your Business

If you’re still manually drafting, you may not have the most efficient process. In fact, you very well could be losing clients due to the long turnaround for project completion. In the digital era, there are plenty of innovative technologies to help designers in the technical space to achieve efficiency that allows them to stay competitive. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is one such technology.

CAD is nothing new, but it has advanced further since its inception many years ago. The technology that has been integrated into the basic CAD software has made CAD a powerhouse tool for designers and business owners in multiple industries. Interestingly, not all designers and business owners are taking full advantage of CAD software.

To help those still on the tech fence, we compiled a list of compelling reasons to use computer aided design on the daily. Let’s dive in!

1. CAD Delivers Ease Of Use

For some, CAD software appears to complicated to pick up and implement into current business processes. This is simply not the case. In fact, CAD software delivers an ease of use engineers and product designers like. That is, those who have a design background should pick up CAD software very easily. And those would be the employees you want to use it.

You can even use specific computer aided design software to ease the integration as well. For instance, a unified electronic circuit design software can be easily downloaded, meeting nearly all needs you, your designers, and your business needs. And ease of use is just the first compelling reason.

2. 3D Models Are No Issue

Have you ever tried creating a 3D model manually? Not fun. Manual 3D modelling is time consuming, thus not cost-effective for your business. And most of your clients expect 3D models now. To make the 3D model process easier, you can implement and utilize CAD software.

The 3D modelling package that comes with most CAD software can make any 2D model 3D. For instance, the auto industry demands 3D modelling in order to get the full interior and exterior of an automobile design. This also allows designers to develop quick prototyping.

3. Enhance Design Security With CAD

Design security is a big issue these days. You want to ensure designs are secure and safe. Manual designs can be easily accessed and stolen, but with CAD software, designs are secured with very restricted access given to employees and clients that need to see the file.

This is great for security measures, as well as editing mishaps. With only authorized members accessing the design, editing mishaps are reduced. A paper drawing simply can’t ensure this level of security and design integrity. It also shows clients you are serious about keeping prototypes safe and secure.

4. Creating Multiple Designs Is Easy

Computer aided design software can be useful for creating multiple copies of a design as well. This can be a big time advantage when it comes to CAD versus manual drafting. Why would you need to create multiple copies of a design? You may need to share a design internally with certain departments, or if a new designer takes control of a project. You can maintain the integrity of the original design. This can be a time saver, making the overall project more cost-effective.

5. Fast Design Modifications

When it comes to modifying a product design, CAD software can prove very useful for designers and business owners. That’s because CAD makes modifications fast and simplistic. And all modifications can be saved in a file for easy version tracking. Think of it like Google docs for product design.

Fast design modifications and tracking can also help managers track designer progress. If tasks are completed, a manager can look at modified versions to see that the work was complete, when, and in some cases, how long it took. Reduce the chance of losing modifications using CAD software.

6. Share Projects With Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Another compelling reason CAD software can be more than beneficial in your design process is the ability to share product designs with anyone, anywhere in the world, and with anytime access. This can be great for international clients who want to see product design prototypes and give feedback in real-time.

Having sharing capabilities can also speed up project timelines, since designers are not waiting for feedback and notes from global team members and clients. Saving time on a project equals greater efficiency, productivity, and profits.

Is CAD Software Right For Your Business?

This is a very important question to ask. If you are still manually drafting, it may be time to take a closer look at CAD software. The enticing reasons above are just the tip of the iceberg, but among the most important reasons to make the switch. Grow your business with efficiency today.

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