5 Money-Saving Marketing Tips

Business owners often face a conundrum. If they do not have a large marketing budget, they might not know how to notify the public about their services and products. They may have a shoestring marketing budget, and they want to stretch it as far as it can go.

There are multiple things you might try if you’re attempting to gain some market prominence, but you don’t have Amazon or Google-type resources. We’ll go over a few money-saving marketing strategies right now that should help you rise within your niche.

5 Money-Saving Marketing Tips

You Can Use Freelancers Rather than Fulltime Staff Members

Depending on what kind of business model you’ve got, you’ll probably need to fill some permanent positions. However, there are some tasks for which you don’t need a full-time staff member. For instance, maybe you need someone to:

  • Write your daily social media posts
  • Create evergreen website content
  • Write your business website blogs

You might hire a permanent-position copywriter or a social media manager for that kind of thing. However, if you do that, they will probably expect healthcare, a 401K program, paid vacation, etc.

Maybe you don’t want to give them all that right now, especially if you’re a smaller startup. You can hire freelancers instead, and that’s much cheaper.

You can go through office staffing agencies, or you can use a site like Upwork. There, you will find a wide freelancer variety at competitive rates you can afford.

You Can Write Guest Blogs on Other Sites

Presumably, if you started a company or you’re in charge of one, you know all about that industry. You can probably speak and write about it authoritatively.

You can get yourself some free marketing by offering to write some guest blogs on industry websites. Whatever your niche is, there are going to be sites that talk about it. You can find them by Googling keywords and keyword phrases having to do with your niche.

Once you locate some, you can:

  • Reach out to the site admin
  • Suggest some blog topics that you can write for them

You can tell them you expect no pay for your work. The only payment you want is an outbound link at the end of your blog post, which goes to your company’s website.

If several site admins are willing to let you do that, you should see more website traffic. As long as your products and services are compelling enough, this marketing technique should result in more conversions.

You Can Utilize Social Media

While it’s true that some social media features cost money, like Facebook ads, for instance, it costs you nothing at all to set up a basic account on most platforms. If you’re not using social media already, you need to set up business accounts as quickly as possible.

What you must remember is that not all individuals use all social media platforms. That’s why you need to conduct some market research beforehand to determine which platforms you should use versus which ones you should ignore.

If your company has mostly Gen Z product buyers, using Facebook does not make much sense since mostly older individuals spend time there. You’d be better off using YouTube or Instagram.

Start a Podcast

You can also start a podcast if you want to establish yourself as an industry expert. People listen to podcasts much more than days than they did even a few years ago.

If you’ve decided to go this route, though, you need to make sure and talk about things on your podcast that will interest your niche. You want to pick fascinating topics, but also ones that will not incite too much controversy. You can make your podcast available on your business website.

Use Email Marketing

If someone has bought something from your site before, you know there’s a good chance of them buying from you again. It’s much more probable that will happen if you can remind them about your existence often.

Do what you can to get their email, and then add them to your mailing list. If they buy something from you, you can say you need their email address for an order confirmation. That may be the case, but now you can add them to your mailing list unless they specifically stipulate they don’t want that.

You can then send them emails periodically telling them about your new products, exclusive services, sales, and so forth. If you send them frequent emails, they’ll likely buy something if you can entice them sufficiently.

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