4 Ways to Expand the Reach of Your Nonprofit

Is your nonprofit new, or are you simply looking to reach out to more people in need? It can be difficult to know where to start when figuring out how to expand your nonprofit. What works for one nonprofit won’t always work for yours. Here are 4 strategies you can use to try to expand the reach of your nonprofit. 

Improve Awareness

The first step to improving the reach of your nonprofit is by increasing awareness of the organization. This can be done many different ways, and what works best for your organization will depend on what your organization does. Make sure to update your website and post on your social media accounts often. When posting content on your social media or website, make sure the content is engaging and relevant to your cause. You can post articles or statistics about your nonprofit or what your nonprofit is working on to help get the attention of your followers. You can also bring more awareness by attending in-person events as an organization. Setting up tents at community events and handing out information or branded items is sure to spread the word about your nonprofit. 

4 Ways to Expand the Reach of Your Nonprofit

Rally Supporters

When people learn about your organization, many will want to know how they can help. Have them sign up for a volunteer email list so they are notified when you need volunteers next. Many people want to help out, but the hard part can be finding ones that believe enough in your organization to actively show up to volunteer. If you have trouble finding enough volunteers for your cause, you can post on volunteer sites or local discussion boards. These volunteer sites will bring in people who are ready to give their time and energy to your organization. 


You can have all kinds of volunteers, but it can still be difficult to spread your reach without any funds. What type of fundraising works best for your organization will highly depend on what type of nonprofit you are running. You may want to consider an event, such as a run or a dinner, emphasizing that the proceeds all go to your nonprofit. Participants get to enjoy a local event, as well as feeling good about helping out your cause.

Find Those In Need

Once you have gathered funds and volunteers, it’s time to focus your organization’s cause on those you are trying to help. One way you can reach more people is through getting an internet service for nonprofit organizations. This way you and your volunteers can better access more people in need. If you are a nonprofit working with schools there are also hotspots for students. In this day and age, a working internet connection is almost necessary to be able to communicate with and help people.

If you are looking to grow your nonprofit, we hope these above ways can help you to get awareness about your cause and bring in more resources. With more awareness and resources, you can expand your reach to help more communities that need your help.

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