4 Ways to Ensure Your Marketing Department is Doing the Best Job They Can for You

If you run or own a company, you likely already know that your marketing is part of what drives your business and enables it to grow. If your marketing efforts are a consistent success, you can dominate your niche and steadily expand. On the other hand, if your marketing campaigns are duds more times than not, it can sink your entire operation.

If you want to make sure your marketing works, it follows that your marketing department has to be firing on all cylinders. How can you make sure that is what’s happening? We’ve come up with four ways to get the most out of your marketing team.

If They Work in a Central Location, Make It Comfortable for Them

If your marketing team works in a central location, such as if you have rented space in an office building for them, make sure they are comfortable in that space. You should ensure that they are nice and warm in the winter. If you reside in a part of the country with sweltering summers, look into getting a top-notch commercial cooling system.

If your team feels comfortable in an office setting, they should come up with winning ad campaigns. If they’re always shivering in the winter and dealing with oppressive heat in the summer, you can’t expect them to crank out many good ideas.

Let Them Do Remote Work Whenever Possible

Your marketing team may also be able to do some or all of their work from home now. Remote work is more popular than ever here in the pandemic’s later stages. Many individuals who never worked remotely before have tried it, and they are very reluctant to go back to how things once were.

If your marketing team doesn’t need to come into a central location to collaborate on projects, there is no reason why you should make them. If you do, you’re going to upset them, and they might start looking for new jobs rather than concentrating on coming up with excellent marketing campaigns.

If you feel like they should come in at least part of the time, you might compromise with them. You can use a hybrid work model where they work from home two or three days per week, and they work from your office space the rest of the time. That will probably be much more palatable for them.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Marketing Department is Doing the Best Job They Can for You

Hire the Best People for the Job

You should also not discount the way hiring the best marketing people yields the best results. The real trick is how you can figure out the right individual to join your team.

You might have to bring some marketing specialists on for a trial run with the company. See how they work with the rest of your existing team, and watch carefully to see what kind of ideas they contribute.

You might find that the people you hire are the perfect fit for your team and company, or you may discover that their ideas are not exactly on-brand. You can certainly look at their resumes and notice their prior success record, but just because an individual did well with marketing for a different company, that does not necessarily mean that success will translate to your business model.

If you need to let a marketing person go after giving them a brief trial run, don’t let that discourage you. If you keep looking, you’re bound to find some marketing specialists that are better fits.

Have Them Come Up with Lots of Ideas, Then Narrow Them Down

You might allow your marketing department to function entirely on its own, but that’s not usually the best way to do things. You want to give them a certain degree of autonomy, but you also need to help steer them in the right direction.

See if they can come up with half a dozen or a dozen ad campaign ideas. Then, they can bring you the list, and you can choose one or two that you feel are the strongest and the most on-brand with what you make and how you want to present it. If you work with a team longer, and they come up with different ad campaigns, they will probably start to understand as time passes the kind of idea that you’re going to like. If you collaborate with them for months or years, you can work together to streamline the marketing campaign creation process.

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