4 Shinobi-Style Tactics for Cutting Small Business Overhead

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To help keep operations running efficiently in the world of big business, many managers rely heavily on sophisticated enterprise resource management systems. Traditionally, small business owners had neither the budget nor urgent need for such advanced tools to turn a profit.

This of course doesn’t mean that small business managers can’t take advantage of today’s technology for other enterprise goals such as trimming overhead expenses, especially in today’s business climate. For any sized business, inefficiency kills profit margins and going toe-to-toe with your business expenses wielding an axe isn’t a good idea either. The key to profitability in today’s business climate is figuring out ways to cut overhead without eroding your business brand or culture.

To save money, smart entrepreneurs are turning to technology driven approaches to generate a more robust bottom line and coddle more efficiency and productivity from business operations.

Invest in clean business applications

The Cloud has a cost effective solution that includes everything from online software for accounting to image editing software available for practically every type of small business. In addition, because the hardware and software maintenance for your business applications will be outsourced to the vendor, the Cloud reduces your need for maintaining IT support, thereby lowering your overhead and producing significantly less carbon than your competitors that run the same types of applications with in-house IT support.

The fact that cloud technology has the added value of eliminating the need for certain hardware and software investments makes it one of the primary reason more and more small business owners are making the switch.

Consider postponing your decision to open a Merchant Account

If you’re in retail, I’m sure you’ve heard the well-known axiom of; how extremely difficult it is for these types of businesses to survive without the ability to accept credit cards. However, you don’t have to run out and sign up for a merchant services account right away. Many services like PayPal or one of its alternatives make accepting credit card payments possible without the hassle of opening a merchant account.

Use VOIP to save money on your phone system

VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is technology that allows for voice communications over the internet for free. Because VOIP phone systems circumvent the voice carrier networks across much of the call’s distance, they are less expensive to maintain when compared to traditional phone lines. For a long time, migrating to a VOIP system was primarily used by consumers to save money. Now, many small businesses are catching on to how much this move can improve their financial standing over time.

Power off unused equipment

This tip is a no-brainer but to this day the trend in place at many small businesses all over is to leave office equipment on after closing up for the day. Even though these idling systems are not fully active, they are still drawing electricity from your power grid; wasting large amounts of electricity and racking up costs in the process. A much more sustainable policy is to power off all equipment, unplug rarely used devices and to turn off any power strips or surge protectors.

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