3 Strategies for Succeeding as an Amazon Seller

With 89% of consumers being more likely to buy products from Amazon than any other e-commerce site, becoming a seller on Amazon seems like a smart idea. However, being an Amazon seller does not mean simply listing a product on Amazon and waiting for people to buy it. If you want to be a successful seller, you must recognize the learning curve that comes with selling products on Amazon. Here are three strategies you can follow to have better success as an Amazon seller.

3 Strategies for Succeeding as an Amazon Seller

Differentiate Yourself

If you plan on selling a product in a market with many substitutes and alternatives, you need to separate yourself from your competition. By selling products on Amazon at the same prices that everyone else is selling at, you will be lost among the Amazon listings. Why would someone buy from you when they can just buy from the first result they see? Study your competition. Look at the top sellers and think of ways you can set yourself apart from them. By making your listing unique it will make customers remember you, and allow you to develop trust between you and your potential consumer base. It also helps to know your audience. Before you start selling, make sure that there are people who will actually purchase your products. Amazon might not be the best choice, depending on the type of good you are selling.

Use Selling Tools

There are many different services and tools for Amazon sellers out there that can help to get a greater insight on your sales efforts. Amazon offers their own marketing tool called Amazon Marketing Services. This tool has a multitude of different features, such as ad performance analytics and optimization functions. Alternatively, sellers can get their sales insights from third-party analytics software. These alternate Amazon seller tools can help sellers receive even greater insight into their sales data, with many third party programs offering a view of the data from a different perspective. By using these tools you can better paint the picture of what your customers want, and tailor your digital storefront to take care of their needs. 

Information Overload

When selling products on Amazon, include all the information you possibly can about your product on its Amazon page. Consumers will be more likely to purchase a product they have information about. By presenting a clear description of your products features and usage, it gives the consumer a better idea of whether they should purchase the product or not. It also establishes a level of trust between seller and consumer, as consumers may be less likely to purchase a product if there is an inadequate amount of information about it on the selling page. Make sure to include lots of pictures of the product, and consider adding a FAQ section of your listing, as well.

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