Wowing Clients Who Visit Your Office Is Easier Than You Think

A lot of businesses treat their offices as some kind of dirty secret. Their marketing material is beautifully produced and very flashy, but the actual place where they work is a dump. The problem for businesses is that there is only so long they can keep this game running. Sooner or later, a client or an investor is going to discover that the company’s headquarters isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And when this happens, it can spell disaster.

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Many companies have lost customers and money, just because of what their office said about them. Clients and investors make judgments, whether businesses like it or not. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’re wowing customers when they arrive at your offices. Here’s how.

Train All Employees To Engage Visitors

When people visit your business, they often don’t know anybody and rely on your staff to help them. The problem is that in many companies, employees won’t bother to help a visitor, especially if it’s not their job. This is a problem. To make guests feel valued, all staff need to be able to take the lead and help them. Employees should be trained to view each person visiting your site as an individual. Their job is to make that person feel valued enough so that they are willing to make a transaction. People who have bad experiences are far less likely to want to do business with you.

Offer Great Food

Most offices offer refreshment services, be it a canteen or a vending machine. But these offerings are rarely inspiring. Instead, they’re a simple convenience for people who either forgot their packed lunch or don’t want to walk to the local takeout joint.

A good way to impress your clients is to offer excellent café services. Businesses that provide great meals and refreshments for visitors make themselves more memorable. Providing chef-cooked meals and refreshments after long meetings is a subtle way of helping your clients feel better looked after. Ultimately, this could affect their decision to do business with you.

Put Your Guests On Your Lobby Board

Many businesses think of lobby boards as a thing of the past. But you can still get some use out of them, even in today’s modern economy. One of the things you can do is to put a welcome message on your lobby board for your guests. It’s just a small gesture. But it’s something that shows them that you care. It proves that you actively thought about them before their arrival.

Post Your Company’s Mission Statement

Visitors want to be able to immediately see what your company is about and what it stands for. Posting your mission statement in the front lobby helps solidify your message. It also helps customers understand what your business is trying to achieve. Just make sure everybody in your firm lives up to it.

Companies that keep their clients view their office as a tool. It’s not something to be hidden away from clients. It’s something that can be subtly used to generate new business. Are you using your office effectively?

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