Ways to Increase Church Congregation In The Modern Age

For church leaders, maintaining the size of a church congregation can be difficult given the thousands of options available for where individuals can worship. You know that your church is a great place for people to congregate and worship as a community. The challenge is conveying this to the public and conveying that your church can not only reinforce their faith, but is also a caring, welcoming space for newcomers. Have faith though, the answer is simpler than you think. Here are a few ways to increase church congregation.

Make the digital world work for you

The digital age has made religion accessible to the public in ways never seen before. Worship has been updated by the utilization of technology to communicate and solidify practices and values; however, it can be argued that they have a negative impact on the number of those still physically attending church. However, there are ways to embrace digital technology and use it to increase your church’s congregation size. Social media accounts, websites, and mobile applications are a great way to develop your community’s sense of togetherness and increase communication. You can use technology to spread your church’s messages to a wider audience, and promote any local events or prayer meetings that you have planned.


If your church structure is weak, how can people see your faith is strong?

Churches and how we worship have evolved over the years. The once intimate setting of a town church has been overtaken by the rise of the megachurch. The change in how we worship has seen churches move from solely being a place of prayer and celebration into a multi-functional space for the worshippers. Whether your church building is traditional, or a more modern place of worship, it is important that it is maintained to a high standard, and that the necessary repairs are kept on top of. You need to maintain a church building that is conducive to worship and promotes faith and wellbeing. This sounds idealistic and funding can be difficult, but church-specific funding such as the church financing services of B.C. Ziegler and Company exist for this reason.


Community reaches further than your pews


There is a balance between providing a welcoming space for new congregation members and keeping your regular and loyal congregation happy to return. Typically, people do not like change, but well thought out and considered changes to routine can give rise to a renewed sense of belonging and worship. By embracing the changing world, you are able to use technologies to increase your congregation by raising the public profile of your organization. Social media can be used to publicize coffee mornings and social meetings to attract new worshippers to your church. Use the content of your website and social media platforms to your advantage: have people vote for their favorite psalms, or have an online prayer request for the next meeting. Do not restrict the content to purely religious content, provide your online audience with blogs about local charities that you have helped, and good news from your congregation, perhaps there have been marriages and christenings, people will turn to your church to share the good news. If you open up your doors, people will enter.

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