‘Tis The Season – Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Period

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Christmas is, by far, one of the busiest times of year for any business. As such, it pays to have all those small, but necessary, jobs completed well before the truly hectic festive season begins. So, what do you need to do to prepare your business for the holiday period?

Below we list five things any business should do in the lead up to the holidays.

Arrange Corporate Gifts

Every business owner knows that one of the best ways to impress your clients and thank them for their custom is to provide them with a thoughtful gift. The best promotional products are ones that are functional for the client, yet also double up as a gesture of appreciation. You can brand corporate gifts with your business logo, which will ensure your business name and branding will be on the minds of your most valued clients.

Organize a Staff Christmas Party

While it’s important you show your customers how much you value them, it’s equally as crucial to show your staff how much you care as well. In fact, 66 percent of surveyed employees said they would likely leave their workplace if they didn’t feel appreciated. Don’t let your workplace become a place for unhappiness. Reward your staff with a Christmas party. However, you need to start planning now. Venues book up fast and choosing a date that suits everyone takes time. Make sure you treat your staff to free food and beverages, as well as a Christmas bonus or a gift to show them how much you appreciate all their efforts throughout the year.

Send Christmas Cards

The tradition of sending Christmas cards to friends and family has been slowly decreasing in recent years. Postal costs are rising and the digital age has seen more and more companies opt for eCards. That doesn’t mean people still don’t enjoy receiving them. Despite the changing trends, Christmas and holiday cards still make up six percent of all greeting cards sold. With this in mind, you most valued clients will most likely think very positively about you if you make the effort to send a personalized greeting card.

If your team is relatively small, why not gather them for a photoshoot with Santa to customize the card? Nothing will give your customer a chuckle better than a thoughtful card from the team with whom they have a good working.

Put Up Christmas Decorations

As soon as the cobwebs and pumpkins of Halloween are stored away, the fake snow and holly is out once more. There’s no better way to prepare your business for the holiday period than by indulging in a little festive cheer. Line the shelves with tinsel and splash out on a Christmas tree! Many businesses even hold charity events that enable people to stop by with wrapped gifts for the less fortunate.

Set Holiday Open Hours

Because every business is different, holiday hours can vary. Some retail stores are open year-round with only one or two days off, whilst other businesses close for weeks at a time. At the beginning of December, plan how your business hours will be structured. Inform all staff, put together an opening hours sign, and send out emails to your main suppliers and customers informing them of your closing dates.

Having holiday hours set in stone avoids any confusion for your customers, and enables you to close your doors on Christmas Eve with peace of mind that none of your customers are put out.

The holiday season, while busy, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you prepare your business well in advance, you will most certainly reap the benefits. Merry Christmas everyone!

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