The Importance of Having a Corporate Antivirus System

When you run your own business, you’ll have to manage your employees, your office premises and even your budget. You will also have to keep your employees safe by maintaining the building and you’ll also have to do everything you can to give your team the support they need when they need it. One thing that you may overlook in the midst of all this is your computer security. You need to make sure that you have a high quality, corporate antivirus system because if you don’t then you could end up putting your entire client base at risk.

Viruses and Malware Threats

New viruses are being released every single day. This can be detrimental to your business and if you happen to be infected by this then you risk losing company data, client payment details and more. You also run the risk of being hacked as well, and all of this can pose as a serious threat to your company image. With the internet growing more and more every day, things are becoming more accessible but unfortunately that also means that you are opening up yourself more and more to cybercriminals. Every connection that you have, whether it is your phone, your computers or even your servers is an open door and it’s important that you have the right security in place to protect your business against these types of attacks.

Standalone Protection

Although computer repair is the best option when you have a virus, it’s not a solution to the underlying problem. When you have got your computers repaired or replaced, you then need to look into getting an antivirus system. There are two types of antivirus systems available, one being standalone and the other being centralised. If you have less than 5 computers then standalone protection may be the best option for you because you probably won’t have a server. This type of protection is also ideal for those who operate their business from home and it is great for those who work remotely. With standalone protection, you’ll probably pay for each computer you have but there are discounts available for those who need to buy protection for multiple devices and this is a great way for you to ensure that you are protecting your software and hardware on a higher level than most home antivirus systems.

Centralised Protection

If you have a bigger business or if you have more than five computers then you may want to have centralised protection. This is normally managed from a central computer or even a server in most cases and this means that all computers on the network can be protected. You can also control the system in one convenient location as well. If a virus does happen to affect one of the computers, you will be alerted and then the software will run through every computer to ensure that the threat does not spread between the network.

Centralised protection is often much more expensive, but it is scalable so you can add more computers, or have less computers and still experience the exact same level of protection.

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