The Benefits of Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

There’s a million and one ways in which you can get the word out about your company, from traditional marketing to guerilla tactics to whatever crazy scheming plan your mind can come up with. One area that is often overlooked, however, is the video, which is fast on its way to becoming the preferred form of marketing for the geniuses behind the most progressive, inspiring digital marketing campaigns. Versatile, creative, and oh so effective, it might be about time you start bringing video to your marketing strategy.


People are Watching Ads

You might want to be sitting down, because we’re going to unload some mind boggling stats about videos that you absolutely need to pay attention to. For instance, did you know that a video placed with an email marketing campaign increases the click through rate by more than 200%? Did you know that around half of executives want more information about a product or service if they saw it in a video? Or that video will accounts for 90% of internet traffic by 2020? Whichever stat you look at – and there are a lot of them – you’ll see again and again that there are few things more effective right now than videos.

And It Gets You Search Engine Points

It’s not only people who love videos – Google and other search engines are usually pretty hot on them too. You can test this for yourself. Take two of your blog posts, and add a video to one of them. In a short space of time, you’ll see that the one with the video is outperforming the second blog post. Why? Because the blog post with a video jumped the queue and headed up the Google search results. If nothing else, adding videos to your marketing campaign will improve your website’s SEO, and who doesn’t want that?


You Can Show Off Who You Are

There are other benefits that go beyond just how much other people love videos. For instance, making a professional video allows you to really show off what your company is all about. You can dig deeper than just the usual text that’s available and put “the human element” back into your company. Solicit the help of a company like Crews Control, for example, and you’ll be able to make quality videos on the areas of your business that you want people to see, be it behind the scenes, the speeches you deliver at trade events, or an event you host. It’s about going deeper.

And People Will Like It

And going deeper is what it’s all about, because it’s what people respond to. People are much more likely to buy goods or services from a company if they can see the human element behind the name. You know how they say a picture can say a thousand words? It’s the same for video. There’s been a suggestion that one minute video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words. If you can get people to read more than a million words about your business, then go for it! For everyone else, look at videos.

And if the above can’t convince you how amazing marketing videos would be for your business I’ll leave it to J Knowles to explain with their amazing infographic. Here they’ve done the research, crunched the numbers, and laid out quite clearly all the reasons you should consider having video within your marketing campaign, definitely worth a read!

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