The 4 Functionalities Every Growing Startup Should Implement ASAP


Startups are usually humble in scope, and as they succeed they generally grow and begin to form the usual processing hierarchy of a functional business. But just saying that sentence skips over plenty of the long-form effort it takes to construct departments that work for your business rather than against it. But what functionalities should you prioritize in your growing startup as your success grows? In this list, we’re going to eschew functionalities you can hire elsewhere, such as accountancy or perhaps subcontracting online for your firm. Instead, we’re going to focus on those process that takes place inside the office you have recently moved to.

Consider these functionalities, and you should be well prepared:


No matter the industry you’re part of, the for-profit business you operate, or the success of your firm, you need to always, always, always pay your employees. To neglect this, or to make mistakes with this, is to immediately lose staff retention and to open yourself up to lawsuits. You should open a payroll department, even if it’s just one person in the early days. This person should be fully responsible for calculating all hours and spending the time to pay everyone involved in the work of your business. They should use indexed payrolling software, and ideally, you should track hours through here during the week in order to calculate everything that is recorded digitally and to provide a log of your calculations and efforts in general. Payroll is absolutely essential to get right and to develop well. Without this, it’s quite possible that a significant difficulty in your business progression could occur.

Sometimes you may use outsourced help, or perhaps volunteers or interns that require a unique method of payment, or perhaps a unique amount. These cases may be seen by the business leader to ensure that they are taken care of, or that payroll is trained and always notified of any changes with these temporary arrangements.


Of course, unless you’re running a very interesting and unique operation, you’re likely going to hire human beings for the job. This means that you’re also hiring all of the problems that accompany human beings. Staff policy likely dictates that the personal life of an employee is left at the door when they work for your firm, but sometimes these will, of course, blend into your daily functioning and staff effectiveness. It might be that an argument breeds within the walls of your office. You may even find that some staff become belligerent due to issues at home, or potentially need time off to cope with a tragedy. An empathetic yet effective HR department can help you do this. Hire people with heavy emotional intelligence and a willingness to bring the best out of your employees, and any potential issues that could infect the office over a period of time are sure to be sanitized and properly dealt with via the most understanding channels.

Customer Support

To monetize your firm’s operation, you’re most likely going to interface with customers and clients. Sooner rather than later, one of these clients is going to require help with a service request, be that asking a simple question or perhaps reporting a dangerous error with their goods. There are a few methods that you should consider when setting up this department. First, you need to consider how much customer support is enough. Should you find out ‘how much is a 1300 number?’ and in the process learn what cost to your customers they should incur when using your phone lines? Would your business be more appropriately suited by a live chat module or not? How many hours of the day are you to be operational, and how are you to structure your support staff interviews to ensure you find the right people for the job? Customer support is essential to get right, as this will be the most intimate human contact a customer or client will ever have with your firm. Ensure this experience is always a good one.


Systems run, and systems fail. Hiring one or two IT specialists with coding skills can not only help you maintain your online operation but help you take care of the minor issues that often spring into larger issues, which can often blow up into debilitating issues. With a competent and routinely supported IT department, your uptime, and digital competence should reign true from the early days to the ever-expanding scope of your small business.

With these simple business departments installed, your operation should grow reliably and properly.

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