Small Businesses and Start-Ups: Getting and Staying Afloat in Financially Uncertain Times

The state of global finances as an overview makes depressing reading and America is certainly not external or immune to that gloomy appraisal. Nonetheless, this financial uncertainty doesn’t hold back those wishing to open small businesses and start-ups every year. Flying in the face of potential adversity and loss, hope seems to reign among those of an entrepreneurial bent, brandishing as they do a “now or never” mindset and a squaring of shoulders for the more than likely rocky road ahead. However, even the most optimistic can use a boost sometimes, a helping hand when the path turns muddy.

Business Loans in 2017

Given the financial uncertainty mentioned, banks and other financial institutions have become highly selective when it comes to loans, particularly with regard to small businesses and start-ups. Indeed, 82% are denied, as lending to a small business prospect involves the same amount of risk as lending to a large commercial entity. That is why, once denied, many budding entrepreneurs turn to online funding sources, such as Hard Money Lenders Arizona, or other private loan avenues.

The Purpose of the Loan

Deciding which source of funding to pursue depends on why you need the loan. For the little start-up of your idea, the costs are very high, particularly if you’re leasing a premises (rather than working out of a home office set up of some nature) that requires furniture in addition to the usual (or unusual) equipment and supplies. Apart from this funding, however, another expected phase in some small businesses is the seasonal downer, when profits drop to critical levels due to offering a service or product that peaks at a certain time of year. Both of these are planned for loan types.

An unplanned cost is, of course, an emergency, such as a burst pipe, or a lost import of your product. Your firm’s account probably doesn’t have enough money set aside for occurrences of this nature, and so funding will have to be found quickly (and necessarily at a higher interest). The speed of the loan required runs parallel to this as well. For instance, if your company deals in cars, and by acquiring that classic at the latest show you could potentially earn a magnificent profit on top of a large initial expenditure, those online and private funding sources are essential.

An Interest in Interest

Just remember, whichever avenue of financial support you decide upon, double check the interest you’re to be charged and whether that’s a stable rate of the variable, so you don’t price yourself out of ever being able to pay off your debt. Even banks charge up to 8.25% and providers of 7A loans up to 9%, but private funders could charge more. Ensure you fully understand the time limit on the loan period as well. Think realistically, definitely not idealistically. Sometimes, particularly in the instance of needing a loan for an acquirement, rather than something immediately crucial, put your dream aside and be patient: another opportunity will present itself, but at a more suitable time.

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