Security! How to Secure Your Business Assets

secure-your-business-assetsYour business assets are the life blood of your business. They are what keep it running. Therefore they need to be protected because if you lose your assets, you lose your business. As a business owner you will need to invest heavily in physical security. Strict access control and surveillance solutions can safeguard valuable assets.

Security System

A commercial quality security system offers CCTV surveillance. Indoor dome shaped cameras provide 360 degree views in hallways and rooms. Having night vision capabilities, bullet shaped cameras are perfect for outdoor use as they can be remotely controlled to scan a particular area. Hard disk drives should be used to store continuous surveillance footage. Additionally, relay alarm companies like Arpel Security Systems can provide around the clock monitoring of security systems in a commercial facility. These agencies immediately send fire, police and medical units when a true emergency occurs.

Biometric Technology

Facilities that contain valuable assets can be secured with biometric access control systems. Keypads prompt employees to scan their fingerprints or entire hands. Additionally, the digital keypads might ask workers to enter personal identification numbers or swipe magnetic encoded cards. The hardware in biometric doors should be linked to a central database that keeps a detailed log of all entries and exits of a secure facility. Some of the most advanced access control systems have scanners that could identify the eyes of workers.

GPS Tracking

Electronic equipment and other items might be tagged with microchips that have GPS sensors. These small devices can be used to track lost or stolen assets. Additionally, microchips might also be used to remotely disable expensive equipment that comes with some sort of electronic circuits and software installations. Some tracking devices could be remotely activated to produce loud beeping sounds which would alert anyone nearby.

Physical Barriers

Chain link fences provide affordable solutions for securing the perimeter of a business that has valuable items and machines stored outdoors. Such fences can be topped off with different types of barbed wire that is typically made of iron. In order to hide any valuable possessions stored outside, it’s also a good idea to attach vinyl covers onto chain link fences. All fencing should also be reinforced with concrete several feet below the level of the actual bases of the posts. Installations of commercial quality gates that are powered by small motors can be installed to strictly control vehicle access into a business. Concrete ballasts might be strategically placed in order to prevent any cars, buses or trucks from making a forceful entry through metal gates.

A combination of high tech technology and protective structures can secure the possessions of a business. Physical barriers should also be routinely inspected and upgraded. However, the bottom line should always be to do whatever it takes to make sure that your business assets stay safe.

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