Securing Your Business from Top to Bottom

When it comes to running a business, security is one of the major factors that few people can claim to have a fantastic understanding of. It goes without saying that keeping your business safe comes with many different considerations and goals, but securing your business from top to bottom encompasses many things that a lone business owner can’t possibly hope to accomplish without assistance.


The need for specialists when securing your business

Specialists are important to any business, but understanding what stage of your business growth you need them is the tricky part. When you have just a couple of employees, perhaps a dozen, working for you, there isn’t much to worry about outside of employee safety and making sure that your passwords aren’t being given out to random people. This is one of the first things you think about when securing your business: digital security. However, when it comes to scaling up your business from a small start up to a medium to large-sized company, it becomes a whole different ballgame.

Much like anything in business, all the solutions you rely on have to be scaleable. This is why companies like Skyresponse are so highly regarded when it comes to the field of security and instant response. Having a digital nervous system that connects all of your devices and networks together can give you peace of mind when something, or someone, encounters an issue. For instance, if someone triggers an alarm in your business premises, then who’s going to respond to that when it’s 3 AM in the morning? Operators need to be working 24/7 and it’s unreasonable for you to have security kept up that late unless you’re already a large business.

In short, specialists are required for anything needs a lot of thought and experience, and security is no different. Hiring a specialist to keep not only your physical assets safe, but your digital ones is going to be a huge boon to your business and it will help assist your growth. Without the right security, you’re ultimately going to experience some issues that will hinder your growth or cause it to be at risk of collapsing.


A continuity plan worth executing

Imagine a catastrophic scenario where your business collapses due to a natural disaster. A fire tears through your building, melting every piece of electronic equipment in the office and destroying your company data. It sounds unlikely, but it’s a very real possibility that needs to be accounted for if you really want to protect your business and secure it from top to bottom.

One of the first things you should do when you start to grow your business is to create a continuity plan. In essence, this is a plan of action that is executed by your and your employees when disaster strikes. A continuity plan can be made for various things in your company, for instance, you could have a plan that specifically targets a “what if” situation of an employee quitting or passing away. You could also, and this is the more common option, plan for continuity should your business fail catastrophically because of a security breach or a physical disaster.

One of the first things you should secure is your data. Online cloud storage solutions for business are the preferred choice due to their ease of use and how quick it is to retrieve your data. Switching to cloud solutions also gives you the power to work from almost anywhere, which is advantageous to almost every business. The cloud has many perks, and it’s important that you understand how they work in order to give you the best protection for your business. However, if you scale up, then cloud storage might not be the best solution. It’s more suited towards small businesses, so that’s when you need your very own off-site backup solution.

This is where you’ll have a large server room somewhere far away from your location where the data is manually taken and uploaded to. This means there is no networking involved so the data cannot be intercepted or even monitored. It is, however, much slower and more expensive, but for business-critical data, it’s really the only solution worth your money.


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Securing employees is an entirely different matter


Now that we’ve got most of the physical and digital things out of the way, we need to think about staff security. There are some very basic regulations and guidelines you need to follow whenever you start a business. For example, you need to show clearly where fire exits are, you need to ensure the building itself is stable and won’t spread fires, and you need to give them plenty of breaks so they aren’t pushing themselves and burning out.


These are very typical safety concerns and, as a business, you should already be thinking if not implementing ways to ensure the safety of your staff. However, you should also be considering how to keep your staff safe when they’re using digital equipment such as laptops, tablets and phones that could contain sensitive information that could be disastrous if they end up in the wrong hands.


Here are a couple of points to follow for staff security:



  • Ensure that they do not write down their passwords – this is very simple and should always be told to your staff no matter how obvious it seems. Social engineering is perhaps the best way to get a password from someone, so give your staff the basic means to guard themselves against it.
  • Make sure they don’t leave devices someplace open – always given them the means to lock up their devices, be it in a bag, in their hotel room or someplace else. This is vital if you ask your staff to work remotely.
  • Create passwords that are harder to guess – there are many guides that will teach you how to create secure passwords that are difficult to guess or even crack with brute-force methods. In short, password entropy is the most important factor when creating a secure one, so consider hiring a specialist or using a program to help you create secure passwords that are also easy to remember.



As you can see, securing your business from top to bottom can be made easy assuming you’re willing to put in the effort and work as a business owner. However, ensuring your staff are safe and hiring the right specialists to advise you can make the entire process a lot easier, and you should always consider these methods.

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