Retrain & Retain: Techniques To Help Your Employees Learn Better

In this high-speed world that we live in we need to find ways to keep ahead of the curve, and as every business will attest, human error is something that will crop up a lot. And there is nothing much you can do about it… or is there? The trick to getting your employees productive is not to make sure that they work hard, but in fact to make sure that they work smart! And if you’re running an operation where people need to think quick and need to retain a lot of information, the important thing is to find ways to help them learn better. The old school methods of making people memorize a bunch of facts and figures don’t help now, so here are a few alternative methods to try.


Look At How Your Staff Members Learn

The problem that a lot of people have when it comes to remembering information is that they are not interacting with the information properly. So if you have staff members that need to learn lots of information quickly, you need to ask yourself if you are teaching them the information in a way that they will be able to retain? The best way to find out is to mix up the methods of teaching, as one person may be able to learn information by reading it, yet others will learn in a more auditory way. And some people benefit more from online learning where they can see infographics, videos, and images, which give a more all round method of communicating the information. And as using tech has become a vital part of how we present information it’s important to use it to our advantage.


Remember How Much Information People Can Take On Board

It’s very limited, and it’s not beneficial for your organization in the slightest if you are to sit your staff members down for 7 hours and expect them to learn piles of information! It’s better, once you have figured out the best learning methods for everyone, to structure employee lesson plans with online courses or E-Learning packages. The benefits of online courses now are that the learning materials are very short and are usually done through videos which communicate the salient points in a short length of time. Most videos are usually less than 10 minutes long, meaning that it doesn’t have a big impact on your company while giving your staff members information in a way that is easy to digest.


Get Them To Stand Up!

It may be something you’ve never thought of, that physical activity positively affects the brain. After all, brain and body are separate entities! If your staff engaged in physical exercise, even for just 20 minutes, it could help to improve the internal neural actions which help people to learn faster as well as improve their alertness. And this is one of the reasons that many businesses have implemented standing desks, it isn’t just good for the body, but it’s good for the brain too!

It seems the value of hard work is the one thing that we take with us when we go to work. But the fact is, if we keep running ourselves into the ground it doesn’t make for a very productive organization. So instead if you encourage your staff to work smart rather than work hard by implementing these simple methods it will work wonders for your business.

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