Remarkable Ways To Stop Employees Slacking Off

Just how important are your employees? They are uber-important. Okay, so that’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. A quality workforce is the lifeblood of any organization, from an SME to Microsoft. The right employees will take you right where you need to go and beyond. If they are motivated, there is no mountain you can’t scale.

The task you face is getting value for money. Employees might be important, but some can be slackers and will be slacking off as soon as you leave their workspace. Give them an inch and they will take a mile, and that isn’t good for the company. Thankfully, there is no need to put up with their lazy character traits anymore dirty-office-desk

Monitor Them

Not to sound 1984 esque, but monitoring software is the only way to track their output. There is too much for you to deal with to have to wait by the entrance to make sure they turn up on time. Plus, wandering around the office like a correctional officer will lower morale. Software and hardware are two features that are effective because they can monitor output easily. Also, workforces around the globe accept enterprise resource planning as an industry standard. What is enterprise resource planning? It’s the kick up the butt your workforce needs to be more productive.


Hire Wisely

Plenty of employers think that they have the hiring process down to a fine art. The truth is that most businesses wouldn’t know their head from their elbow in this sense. Far too many bosses like to hire the candidate with the best resume. Sure, a resume is an excellent start, but it’s only a start. The best businesses hire the best candidates by looking past the words on a page. Instead, they look into their personality and character. A firm which invests in a hungry employee that wants to impress won’t have to worry about their productivity levels. The same goes for workers that get twitchy after ten minutes of free time.


Reward Work Ethic

There is a theory that workers only turn up for the money. Although it isn’t entirely accurate in most cases, money is an issue. Lots of employees want to make more cash, and they will work harder to seize the opportunity. However, if the opportunity isn’t there to grab, they won’t bother. Savvy organizations understand what makes their workforce tick, and offer them performance-based incentives. Any employees that hit the targets get a reward which will make them work even harder in the future. For some it is money, for others, it is finishing work early or flexible working hours. Whatever it is, dangle the carrot in the office and watch the working frenzy.



Do you think you are above networking now that you’re the top dog? You shouldn’t because contacts come in handy regardless of your position. In the workplace, they are especially important. Employees want to impress their boss, and they will divulge information as a result. These ‘informants’ can provide you with the info you need to shake up the office. If for example, they say that X isn’t working hard enough, you can check their output. Then, if they aren’t working hard enough, you need to address the problem. Every boss needs a team of trustees to understand the workplace better.

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