Putting The Fun In Function: Expert Advice For A Great Corporate Event

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, at some point you will find yourself in need of hosting a corporate event of some kind. Such events can have a variety of possible motivations and goals, and as we shall see knowing what those goals are is likely to help you hugely. If you have never organized a function of this kind before, then you might find yourself wondering what it is that you need to do. Often it can be difficult figuring out your priorities for something like this. But above all, you need to be able to plan the day out as far ahead as possible. That way, no matter what happens, you can ensure that you are doing exactly what needs doing in order to design the ideal corporate function. In this article, we are going to look at what you can do to make your first corporate event a fantastic one. Read on to find out how.

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Get Clear On Your Focus

Before you do anything else, it is advisable to get clear on what the event is actually going to be about, what it is for, so that you can more readily design the day around that idea or theme. Being clear about the outcome of the event gives you a stronger ability to plan out the whole day, and it also means that you are much more likely to be able to enact those wishes. So, it is worth sitting down with the rest of your management team and discussing what you would like to focus on on the day. It might be fairly generic, for example you might just want to host an event to approach many different issues which are facing the company all in one day. Or it might be that there is one particular area you are hoping to improve, perhaps for reasons of business growth or simply improvement of your internal processes. And sometimes, it is worth holding an event such as this just to give your employees a chance to mingle, enjoy themselves and discuss freely any concerns about their work or the company more broadly. No matter what you decide your focus should be, make sure that you have one, and try to design the day around that idea. This will ensure a more cohesive event which is much more likely to succeed.


Plan The Day

Chances are, your event is going to be fairly long. Most corporate events like this are all-day affairs, although of course there is nothing that says they have to be. But there is every chance that your event will at least be a few hours long, and such a length of time means that you will need to plan your day out as best as you can. Not planning is a recipe for disaster, and it is really not worth taking the risk of not putting some serious thought into the whole day. Above all, you want to make sure that you have a general outline of the day at the very least. If you don’t, before you know it your employees will just feel like cattle wandering around a dull party! Make sure you have it very clear in your head what is going to happen, and at what point in the day. It is just as important, too, to let your employees know of the itinerary, otherwise they might find themselves becoming restless from not knowing what to expect or what is going to come next. Print out a brochure or leaflet or programme for each individual, and try to plan the day with plenty of breaks so that nobody feels inundated with activities. Remember that you should aim for the whole event to be as enjoyable as possible, and that means allowing your employees a fair amount of time for breaks and just chatting with each other. For many of them, this is a rare opportunity to talk to members of the team they normally don’t get a chance to talk to, so it is healthy for the whole group if you allow them a chance to do just that. Above all, having a plan for the day ensures that the event proceeds smoothly, and keeps people from getting too bored or restless. You might also want to have a proper MC to take everyone through the scheduled events for the day. Take a look at https://www.jdparties.co.uk/9-tips-for-planning-a-corporate-christmas-party/ for more.


Remember The Details

When you are planning something of this scale, it is sometimes all too easy to forget to plan for some of the details. But you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to remember even the smallest details, as it is often these which can break or make the whole event. It helps to be a little creative here. If you are struggling to think of all the necessary details, take yourself through the day in your head and think about what each stage of the journey will require. Begin, obviously enough, with the arrival on the door. Will you need some kind of system for determining who has arrived and who is missing? If you have hired out a function room or hall which has other rooms being used by other companies, then you might want to consider using lanyards or silicon wristbands to help distinguish your staff from other people. This also helps the security of the whole event. Take a look at http://lanyardsfactory.com.au/tyvek-event-wristbands for examples of the kinds of solutions you could go for here. After arriving, you presumably will offer your guests a drink, in which case you need to think about the details for that too. Are you going to serve alcohol? If so, are you going to limit it (often a good idea). What about offering alternative food and drink for those with dietary requirements? It is by focusing on these kinds of details that you can ensure you day is as successful as it can possibly be. Make sure you plan as much as you can well in advance, and your corporate event should be much better than you might have hoped.

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Guest Speakers

You will need someone to organize the day itself, as we have seen – some kind of MC for running proceedings. This could be yourself, or another member of management, or you might decide that it is best to keep your management team free to mingle and join in with the activities. A lot of businesses decide on a guest speaker instead, as this can help to add a touch of specialty to the day. If you can even find entertainment provided by someone well-known, then it could be a real talking point which helps to make the day a lot more enjoyable. You don’t have to do this, of course, but it is worth putting some thought into if you want your corporate event to be as memorable as possible. Remember that the more memorable the event is, the more likely it is that people will return in larger numbers the following year. So make sure that you give people a strong reason to return, and you will surely have made the event a success. If you decide not to go for a guest speaker, then make sure whoever is doing it has a good stage presence, and knows the itinerary inside out. This really does make a huge difference.


Other Industry Events & the Importance Of Timing

When you are deciding when to actually hold the event, it is a good idea to think carefully about the industry as a whole. Often, there are other industry events which you don’t want to avoid or get in the way of. You want everyone to be able to attend, so it is worth thinking about this before you decide on a date. It would also look in poor taste for your business not to show up to any important events at all, so make sure that you avoid this faux pas by thinking ahead as much as possible. Take a look at http://www.business2community.com/strategy/tips-planning-great-corporate-event-01518879 for more on this subject.


Budgeting The Day

As a business owner, you should already be aware of the huge importance of the subject of budgeting. With proper budgeting, you can ensure that everything goes off smoothly without detriment to the business. Some businesses find that the best way to do this is to save up a decent amount of money throughout the year, and use that to build up a kitty for any events which you might want to have. Alternatively, you could just set something aside in the business’ turnover each year and use that. However you do it, you will need to budget for the day well in advance, as it could end up costing a surprising amount – and you can’t ask the employees to contribute towards it.



Give Something Back

It is always a nice idea to give a little something back to your employees, as a thank you for attending and putting effort into the day. If you do decide to do this, make sure that it is something valuable enough that people genuinely appreciate it, but not so expensive that you bankrupt the company. This can be a nice way to finish the event.

Use Event Management Software

There are many, sophisticated tools readily available to help businesses plan the ultimate events. Event management software helps to define and track the overall plan, budget, schedule, and more.

Most event solutions include a built-in website builder, with simple drag-and-drop functionalities. This greatly assists event organizers who have little-to-no coding knowledge and who need to create an event page quickly. Event management software also enhances attendee experience through personalization. An event planning solution offers users the ability to view information tailored solely to them. This can include the event’s agenda (with the ability to set-up one’s own schedule), more details about the event’s speakers, account management, ability to send direct messages, and participate in surveys.

Once the event has been a huge success and is finished, the software is able to gather and report on how attendees navigated your website/app, how many tickets were sold and how much revenue was generated. Some event planning solutions also have the ability to track when an attendee registered and checked-in. You can read more about how event metrics are measured by clicking here.

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