Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster [INFOGRAPHIC]

Like many other types of electronic equipment, laptop computers can be rather fragile, and considering what they cost to buy in the first place, you should definitely take special care not to damage it in careless fashion. In truth, many people aren’t vigilant enough when it comes to laptops. We always hear different tragi-comic tales of how a spilt soda or an excitable family pet rendered a laptop unusable, sometimes beyond the point of repair.

Spilling liquid on the machine, or dropping it, can often lead to disaster, but if you act quickly enough, you can salvage it from total ruin. In the event of a spillage, cleaning the mess straight away with a microfiber cloth might be enough to prevent lasting damage. It’s also important to blot the stains rather than wipe them, as the latter course of action may leave residues.

When you are buying a laptop, you’ll almost certainly be offered the chance to get it insured. Yes, it is an extra expense, but it’s one worth taking so that you’ll be covered if the worst does happen. The insurance policy will vary depending on your laptop’s manufacturer, so be sure to find out exactly what items are automatically covered and what will require further expenditure.

This infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators ( offers great advice on how to look after a laptop in the right manner so that you don’t easily run the risk of damaging it.

Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster – Infographic

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  1. These are great infographics for laptop care and repair. Thanks for sharing these! I’ll definitely be saving them.
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  3. These are great advice to protecting your laptop from damage disasters! Also love the informative infographic pictures, thanks for sharing with us!
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  5. Thanks for the useful infographic! There are so many dangers for something as fragile as a laptop that many do not take into account, like direct sunlight and leaving the device inside a car. Knowing the warranty policy and taking precautions are important steps to take to prevent high costs. Thanks for sharing!
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