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Is your career going to plan? Are you happy with the business that you’re currently a part of? Do you have experience with IT? If you answered no to the first two questions and yes to the second, congratulations. You are the perfect individual to start fresh and think about working in software, development, programming and even app creation. If you don’t know anything about IT and didn’t understand the reference in our title don’t click off this article. You can become a software developer without any knowledge of IT, you just need to learn.

You might think that learning about IT and specifically, software creation, is quite difficult. But it doesn’t have to be, and you’ll find there are a variety of online courses where you can learn everything that you need to know. We do mean everything too. For instance, if you want to work in software development you need to learn how to code. With an online course, you can pick up the basics in three months and learn the complexities in six. That means in six months, you could be ready to start a brand new career or business, and you’ll barely have spent any money at all. If this idea excites you, definitely read on because we’re just getting started.


Let’s Get Insanely Rich


We know what most entrepreneurs want, even if they won’t admit it to anyone else or even themselves. They want to change the world, they don’t want to help people. They want to be rich, and when we say rich, we mean RICH. Well, if you go into software development right now, you’ll definitely be on the right tracks. On average software developers make around thirty thousand which we’ll admit isn’t great. But, this is the law of averages and what you’re really interested in is the maximum potential. That could be no less than billions and if you don’t believe this, just research the lucky so and sos behind Angry Birds. Now, you might say, ah that’s a game. Actually, it’s an app and once you know how to code you’ll be able to create applications just like it.

Or, you can go down a different route and instead build software for big business. It’s another way to make piles of money without gaining media attention. If you can create a piece of software that every office wants on their computer, you’re going to be rolling in it. Bright sparks might think we’ve missed a step here. We’ve gone from learning to code to making millions? That’s not possible, is it?


You Need One Of These

business-woman-lightbulbYou’re looking for that cartoon moment where a lightbulb pops up overhead. An idea that blows you away and that you know is going to be commercially viable. Take a few weeks or even months coming up with this idea and then figure out how to design it into software. It doesn’t have to be completely original. If you can look at existing software and figure out how to improve it, that’ll work too.

Once you have that idea, you can start thinking about how to bring it to fruition. That requires ensuring that you know what tech, gadgets, and software to use. You basically need a list of websites for programmers because that’s where you’ll find all the pieces that you can put in place. Once you’re using tools like Stackify, you are ready to roll. On average it takes a few months to create and develop a new piece of software. It takes roughly a year to patent it and get it ready for the market. Then you can start selling, but before you get to that stage, there’s something else that you need to consider.

Forgetting Something?

good-customer-serviceYes, quality control. You need to make sure that any software that you release for the market is built and designed to the highest possible quality. Otherwise, you’ll quickly develop a terrible reputation on the market. The best way to think about it is like this. If you try and sell clients excrement, it’s your business that’s going to end up in the toilet. The good news is that using some of the software on the market, it’s easy to check your software and check it again during the development stage. You can then ensure that when it does finally go into production, there are no issues that will lead to disappointed users.

So there you have it. Learn to code, come up with an idea, find a target client and you will can make money in software development. Don’t forget the IT industry is expected to triple by 2030, so the demand is definitely there. It’s time for you to go out and find it.

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