Practical Presents – 5 Useful Gifts That Your Recipients Will Love

The minimalist movement and increased focus on lessening our carbon footprint are forcing people to step up their game when choosing what to gift to their loved ones. Let’s be honest: nobody needs another glass ornament or plastic doodad to add to their collection. Avoid your presents gathering dust in someone’s cupboard or being re-gifted when the next occasion arises by choosing practical items that the recipient will use again and again. Here are some ideas:

Reusable Coffee Cups

The best gifts are the ones that make you wonder how you lived without them. In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world, a reusable coffee cup is a terrific way to reduce unnecessary waste. When you enjoy your daily coffee (or two) in a reusable vessel, you’re helping to decrease the enormous amount of disposable cups and plastic lids that humans generate every year. The caffeine lover in your life will be able to use this gift every day, and with numerous colors, designs, and shapes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the ideal variety for even the fussiest recipient. A reusable coffee cup also makes one of the best corporate gifts – so much more useful than a branded stress ball!

Charging Station

Today, we’re more reliant on electronic devices than ever before. In a single household, you could have ten or more phones and tablets that all need to be charged at various times, which results in your benchtops and bedside tables being swarmed with cords and devices. A charging station is a handy method of cleaning up the unruly cables and corralling all of your household’s gadgets into one spot. This organizational wonder will save you time as well, as you’ll never have to wonder where you have left your phone again. It’s the present that will benefit the whole family.

Whiteboard Notebook

For your friend who works in an office, this gift is the new and improved version of a well-received classic – the notebook. A whiteboard notebook is another environmentally friendly win, saving countless trees by allowing you to erase notes when they’re no longer needed and reuse the same book again and again. Plus, your recipient will be catapulted to the role of the cool kid in all of their work meetings.

Metal Soap Bar

While onion and garlic are essential ingredients for adding depth of flavor to many dishes, the residual odor they leave on your hands is inconvenient and difficult to remove. Soap and water do little to assist, and may actually make the issue worse as the sulfur in garlic will transform into sulfuric acid. The innovative solution? A metal bar of soap. This handy (no pun intended) invention binds with the molecules on your hands to rid them of the smell for good. Unlike a regular bar of soap, this practical gift should last a lifetime.

Note Card Set

A note card set is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Help your friend out by making sure they never get stuck without a card again when they need to send off their birthday wishes or express their sympathies. Your recipient is sure to be grateful every time they save a trip to their local newsagents.

More often than not, the practical solution is the best one when it comes to giving gifts. The next time you’re shopping for a friend, colleague, or family member, skip the generic gift racks and opt for something your recipient will use frequently and appreciate.

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  1. Brilliant recommendations for gift ideas to give to clients. These products would be fantastic gifts even for friends and family as well. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I have a good list to work with for the coming holiday shopping. Thanks again!

  2. Hey,
    What an amazing list of gift ideas.I would definitely want to have a metal soap and reusable cups.I feel all of these gifts are so amazing that anyone would love to have.
    Great work!Thanks for sharing.

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