These are Possible Excuses Employers Make When Sued for a Work Injury

Don’t expect your work injury claim battle to be easy. Your employer will not go down without a fight. They might have insurance coverage to settle with you, but the affair could create a negative image for the company. If they settle or lose a legal battle, it could hurt their brand. Therefore, you will hear all sorts of excuses just to disprove your claim.

It’s not during work hours

If the incident happened on a Monday, early morning, or late Friday afternoon, even if you are still doing work related tasks, the employer might say you were no longer required to work. You should not have been working and anything that happened during those times wasn’t their responsibility. Be prepared to rebut this idea and prove that you were there because of your job requirements.

You have a beef against the company

They might say that you are faking the injury as a form of revenge after being passed over for a promotion. You might have also been denied a vacation or potentially laid off from work. These are strong arguments that you should be willing to answer. They might be technically correct but you have to show that the accident has nothing to do with your anger against the company.

You don’t have witnesses

Unless you have witnesses or evidence to support your claim, it will be difficult to win. They can easily dismiss you by saying that you are making stories up. This is true especially if you are working in a secluded area in the workplace. Therefore, be sure to check all security cameras in the area just to make sure the incident has been captured. Interview your fellow employees and ask if they are willing to testify to strengthen your claim.

You didn’t report the incident

For instance, if you are asking for compensation for burns, you have obviously suffered a very traumatic accident. It might be justifiable that you didn’t report the incident right away. This should not be used against you. To prevent it from happening, seek medical attention immediately. Use the doctor’s diagnosis as evidence. You might not have filed a report at work, but the document from the medical expert could strengthen your claim even more.

You will be bombarded with tons of questions and accusations if you proceed with a work injury claim; if you do go ahead with your work injury claim Gloucestershire legal experts can help prepare you for the worst scenarios. Your employer may have a team of lawyers working for them, and they might intimidate you just with their sheer presence. With your own legal adviser by your side, you should keep on fighting, especially if you know that it really was an accident, and it happened while you were on duty.


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