The Perfect 10: Simple Ways To Keep Customers Happy


Every entrepreneur needs to keep customers happy, but it’s often a lot easier said than done. That is unless you follow the right blueprint from the word go.

Happy clients equal a happy business owner. Focus on each of the 10 simple factors below, and great results will soon show. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.


#1. Build A Happy Team

First and foremost, you should appreciate that your direct interactions with customers are likely to be limited. Therefore, ensuring that your team is in engaged and motivated will go a long way to ensuring the clients receive a winning service at all times.

Staff members are only human, so building a positive working environment should be top of the agenda. When employees actively want to work, you’ll find that productivity improves as well as the customer experience.

Remember to invest in employee development too. After all, they have aspirations of climbing the career ladder. Let them do this under your guidance while sculpting them into the staff members that you desire. You will not regret it.

#2. Invest In Customer Care

A generally happy atmosphere is great, but it’s imperative that you appreciate the importance of direct customer care too. Every business will have clients that face problems from time to time. But as long as you are committed to rectifying those issues at the earliest stage possible, most people will forgive you.

If the business is still in its infancy, Call Ruby virtual receptionists can make life a lot easier. Meanwhile, social media can be used to great effect, as can adding an FAQ to your website. Above all else, a fair returns policy should be established ASAP.


#3. Offer Value

Whether customers want a cheap deal or a product with great quality, value for money is key. If they do not receive this, it’s inevitable that they’ll take their custom elsewhere.

Special promotions such as Buy One Get One Free can work wonders for gaining new customers. Apart from anything else, those attention-grabbing ideas can get people inside your stores and onto your website. In turn, this will often lead to increased purchases.

There are many contributing factors for positive customer relations. Ultimately, though, those feelings of getting value for money are probably the most important.


#4. Reward Loyalty  

As a winning business, you mustn’t just think about the initial sale. Sustained success comes from gaining repeat custom. Rewarding that loyalty gives them another incentive to use the company on a more frequent business.


Offering special deals through newsletters can be a great solution. Find out more about those with Mail Chimp email services. Alternatively, you could run a points reward scheme that helps repeat customers land prizes. Either way, that additional sense of excitement can work wonders.


#5. Give Them Control

Modern life is particularly hectic. As such, clients like to have things on their terms. Even the smallest gestures can make a telling difference as to whether they’ll choose your company or another. Do not underestimate its importance.

New technology puts control in the customer’s hands. CalendarSpots software enables them to book appointments and meetings from the comfort of home. This means that they can work around their other commitments. This in itself can be a monumentally important element.

When selling products, you should offer versatility for building bulk packages. Rather than telling them which items should be included in a bundle, let them create their own. If nothing else, this control ensures they get better value.


#6. Seek Their Opinions

Customers are the most important people in your entire business operation. So, if you want them to stay happy with your services, why not ask them directly for what changes they’d like to see?

This can be achieved through online surveys. Turn them into a competition, and you’ll be sure to gain responses and increased interaction. When customers feel valued and play an active role, their ongoing engagement with the brand is sure to climb.


#7. Go Green

Overlooking the significance of outside elements is one of the most common errors made by modern entrepreneurs. By paying attention to those factors, you could instantly gain ground on your competitors. In today’s climate, going green is the number one answer.

Many clients will actively back companies that take great responsibility. Tesla solar roof panels make a huge impact. Water-saving toilets, window tints, and smarter packaging choices can all have a positive influence too. You’ll save money while keeping customers happy. Perfect.

Aside from becoming eco-friendly, the company could look to support a worthy cause. Combine those two external factors, and the internal rewards will soon show.


#8. Promote Smoother Transactions   

Given that customers are often in a rush to get on with their days, the speed and quality of the transaction are vital. Mobile POS terminals empower your staff on shop floors. This can accelerate the process while providing greater personalization.

Those smooth transactions should also be a priority for online deals. Make sure that you accept as many payment types as possible. In some cases, it’s worth investing in translator software too. Above all else, ensure that stock is managed in real time. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an order canceled after completion.



#9. Make Things Safe

When a customer chooses to use your business, they are placing huge trust in your services. Therefore, you must repay them by ensuring their safety at all times.

This doesn’t simply mean creating a safe workplace. Using advanced data protection from Akamai will go a long way to perfecting the online situation. Embrace the latest CCTV cameras for physical world matters, and you won’t go far wrong.

A safe business is a happy business. Perhaps more importantly, though, it brings increased satisfaction for the clients.

#10. Encourage Word Of Mouth  

Most people take great pride in telling friends and family about great businesses they’ve found. Take this idea to another level altogether by investing in a strong referral scheme. It could generate new business while promoting the chances of repeat business from those influencers too.

Using testimonials and client referrals can help gain the trust of consumers who have considered using your business. When those new customers are in a positive mood before they’ve even started, there’s a far better chance of seeing ongoing positivity.

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