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Business is usually a full time thing, well, that’s what people think it is anyway. People stay in their full time 9-5 office job, doing a job they really hate because they think that going  solo would be too much of a risk. Or that there’s no money in it. Or that it’s time consuming. We could keep listing the reasons why people don’t go into business, but isn’t it about time someone talked about the positives. Yes, it’ll take a long while to get successful. Yes, you can do it part time, and you can work around your normal life. And finally, it will be worth all the hard effort in the beginning when you’re making a nice wage from a part time business venture. If this sounds appealing to you, here are some really good ones that we think you’ll love!

Music Events

Unless you’re talking about a club, music events usually only come round every few weeks, or maybe even just in the summer if we’re talking about festivals. But when they do come around, the fun they create is amazing, and lots of people will pay good money to attend. So, this is the perfect business venture if you’re looking to make a ton of money in one go, and to have a fairly stress free process. There is obviously the fact you need a big start off in terms of money. If you want people to pay lots, you’ve got to have the best performers, and they’ll charge a lot for their time., But that’s the best way to make the money. Go big or go home! You could buy fabric wristbands, have pop up festival makeup stools, food vans, definitely enough toilets, and a venue that rocks peoples worlds. Something that is outside and only during the summer would be ideal, but then you have the worry of whether the weather will hold out for you. But people seem to want to pay more for the outdoors sort of day festivals! The one thing you would need to make sure you did is security, and lots of it. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of drugs brought into most music events, so trying to police that would have to be your main goal. Figure out all of the costs, then figure out what you could make through marketing, and what you need to price the tickets at!

Pop Up Shops

Pop up shops are great. If you can do enough marketing and get enough publicity, there’s no reason why a venture into a pop up shop world could work for you. The beauty of this idea is you can just get so much money from one or two days in a store, and you can go down whatever business route you want. Obviously, the more interesting it is, the more money and publicity you’re going to get. Location is also key. If you were going to do this, you’d need to do it in a bustling city, somewhere where you’re going to attract a lot of people who may just be walking by. If you did a pop up food shop, you could really be onto a winner. If you’re selling some of the best food on random occasions, people are obviously going to travel far and wide for it. Desserts or cheese seems to be all the craze at the minute! To draw more people in, you could give out free samples outside of the shop to spark the interest. This venture won’t cost as much as the first idea, but it could well be just as successful.

Personal Training/Nutrition Guidance

We’re living in a time where people are either mad about their health and fitness, or they struggle to get off the sofa to make another cup of tea. But, the growing craze of getting big and fit through the gym is blossoming due to social media. Therefore, this venture could prove very interesting for you if you already have a keen interest in fitness. Qualifications would put you in better light for this one, preferably a personal training one and nutrition. That way people will trust the knowledge you’re actually giving them. All you would need to do is register as self employed, and build up your client base. Use social media to your advantage and make sure you’re keeping active pages showing results of your clients. It’s just a little thing you could do on the side that could potentially turn into a full time business venture.

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